January 2012

A Note from the President

Dear Friend,

December 1st was World AIDS Day! Millions of children are orphaned by AIDS or have the disease. The wounds of these suffering children cannot be healed with public awareness alone, no matter how good our intentions. Let’s remember that Christmas is about the life of Jesus, a life spent fighting for good causes. He dedicated his time and attention to those with the greatest needs—the children, the diseased, the despairing.
You never know who you’re going to help. Take Graciana for instance. Her story shares just how God is working through you and your donations—through Restore a Child. Melissa Harding writes: “Graciana’s mother left her at the orphanage after trying to abort her during pregnancy but instead succeeded only in crippling her for life (in the photo below). She has no leg from above the knee on the right side. Praise God that she ended up at Familia Feliz in Bolivia…a place filled with love and safe from the human traffickers in the area.” Your gifts will allow more stories like this to be told for years to come.
Joy Butler wrote this week about a bare-footed boy who tapped on her car window in Nairobi. In a fast monotone he said quickly “food please… God bless you” she gave him all she had with her…a big yellow banana. He thanked her and was gone. She was left thinking… ”is that all I can give?”… “Is that all you could give?”… “Is that all Jesus would give?
ChildsThese children need YOU. Please remember them while you celebrate with your own families. These children have no families. Remember at least ONE child in this time of rejoicing. Jesus said: “If you love those who love you…and give those who give you, what credit is that to you?”
Christmas is Jesus’ birthday, so who do you think should get the gifts on Christmas; I know it’s not me!
Not my children or family and friends. Let’s honor HIM and give to those whom HE asked us to give to, those who cannot give back to us “…the least of these.” Tradition is man made.

You can select a meaningful, tangible, lasting gift from our Gift Catalog on our website:

In Honor of His Birthday,




Norma Nashed, President/Founder

P.S. Tax Exempt # 27-4371864. All donations are Tax Deductible.
Encl. Adventist Review magazine article, “Chosen to be Loved” November 24, 2011

OscarA Note from the President
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VP of Public Relations Meets with Dr.Duran to Discuss Support for Orphaned Children

Rose Gamblin and Dr. Sandra Finley Doran–Florida Conference Associate Superintendent of Education for Curriculum–recently met to discuss Restore a Child and how the schools of Florida Conference of Seventh-day Adventists can support the efforts for orphaned children. The thematic unit for this year is about shelter and Dr. Doran will distribute these, along with the Restore a Child fundraising kit, to all online casino of the Alt er i High definition, sa dette er en Roulette du kan bli dilla pa! 3D-briller er ikke nodvendig. Adventist schools in the Florida Conference. Dr. Doran was also interviewed for a radio show that will broadcast in January for Homeschool Companion. During that broadcast Restore A Child will have 60 seconds of promotion.


OscarVP of Public Relations Meets with Dr.Duran to Discuss Support for Orphaned Children
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VP of Public Relations Gives Presentation at NAEYC

The National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) Annual Conference & Expo is the largest early childhood education conference in the world, tens of thousands of educators may choose from hundreds of presentations and exhibits.
Rose Gamblin and Christy Gillan-Byrne—Associate Superintendent of Education for Early Childhood for the Pacific Union Conference–gave a presentation titled Spiritual Pain Columbia residents can train at nationally recognized truck- adult school . of Young Children. During the conference Rose Gamblin connected with many educators, authors, and leaders in the field of early childhood education. Each person was given a brochure and thematic unit about Restore A Child.

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OscarVP of Public Relations Gives Presentation at NAEYC
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President Visited Haiti December 4-8, 2011

Restore a Child president visited Haiti December 4-8, 2011 with a team to check on two projects we are helping with. Ecole Fondamental de Diquini on the ground of the Adventist University in Haiti which has around 3,000 students. Norma met with the President of the University and his three Vice Rectors, plus the Elementary School Princiapl. Norma was also invited to give her testimony to the medical staff during chapel at the Adventist Hospital.

Then she visited EPresident Visited Haiti December 4-8, 2011GO School that Restore a Child sponors with 175 students. The photos are from the EGO School in Montrouis. Children are dismissed around noon because they are hungry and cannot focus on their studies.
We need to feed these children so they can continue two more hours learning in school.

President Visited Haiti December 4-8, 2011

At EGO orphanage sponsored by SOS of New Hope Church, Norma talked with Jean Lae who she met two times before. He is a blind boy who demonstrates leadership traits, is kind and even plays with and cares for the little children at the orphanage. To give him a future, he needs sponsors so that he can have brail teacher to teach him. ($100 per month) and brail equipment for only $300. Let’s make Jean Lae’s wish to read and write become a reality this Christmas. What would Jesus do?

OscarPresident Visited Haiti December 4-8, 2011
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