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Update from Tanzania

Tom Lestar, Restore a Child’s partner from Hungary reports the well which was dug with funds from Restore a Child, now has a pump and is supplying water for the school, agriculture and the Maasai villagers.

Estelle and Olivier Laville from England have been a tremendous help.  Estelle is teaching full time classes for the children in English, Math- a bit of French, and Swahili to the Nursery class. We need iron screens or the luxury of glass windows so we can make resources (posters, pictures, charts maps) etc. in the classrooms a permanent fixture.

The gardens are getting better each day, and many trees have been planted as well.  Next, a pump house is needed to protect the pump.  Tom also bought 400 meters of electrical cables to connect electricity from the school to the water pump to expand agriculture and fruit trees.  Tom also erected a fence around the agricultural land around the well to keep animals from grazing on our vegetables.  A young  Maasai man, Livingstone, who has a wife and two children, helps with the work here.  Thanks to our generous anonymous donor and his wife who is sponsoring such workers and agriculture in six countries.

Adding to our income generating projects, Olivier has built a hen house for which he & Estelle will donate 30 meters of chicken wire. Now we are looking for 25 hens to begin a small poultry industry.

Please remember us in our work for the Maasai children.

restoreachildUpdate from Tanzania

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