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Haiti Blind Boy

During Norma’s last trip to EGO in December 2011, she noticed Jean Delet, a blind boy wasting his day running around alone.  Upon her return she contacted Dr. Winfried Vogel, president of Bogenhofen Language Institute in Austria who dedicated their annual Christmas Benefit Concert to Restore a Child and told him about the need for a Braille.

Machine and a teacher for Jean Delet. Dr. Vogel raised the funds needed to make this happen.

Norma then contacted Dave Wooster, EGO Chairman, who was very responsive and immediately tried to find someone to order the Braille machine.  Dave had just returned from a mission trip to EGO and wrote.  “As you can see Jean Delet was thrilled when he opened the box that had the new Braille machine and began to scour this device with his finger tips. As you know from your visit Norma, he is a brilliant little boy… Thanks to you, Restore a Child and Bogenhofen Institute this little boy has a tremendous chance at transcending this disability and making his own way in life in Haiti…After the Christmas break Wanito returned to continue his 4 day per week program with Jean Delet.
Haiti Braille machine
On a side note, the Dr. from New Hope Church, Lissy Vega, who purchased the machine for us also purchased Braille Dominoes for Jean Delet for Christmas. Our team watched as he opened this gift and his fingers went over every piece knowing that he could now join in this game with other children.”
OscarHaiti Blind Boy

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