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Dr. Mitchell Davis’ Generosity Continues

Dr. Davis Dormitory is being built now with a generous donation from Dr. Mitchell Davis from Washington D.C. He is a Jew who demonstrated his kindness to an Arab woman, Norma Nashed and her ministry in such an amazing way.  We will report on this project in our April Newsletter with photos.

Another anonymous generous donor from Carmichael, California, has donated $82,000 in 2011 restricted for agricultural programs to orphanages in five countries:

Bolivia, Kenya, Tanzania, Zimbabwe and Haiti, to plant fruit and nut trees and train the children in agriculture to prepare them to support themselves in the future.  The biggest part of this donation goes to Des Paul for additional land for agriculture as he has an amazing successful agricultural program on the land we helped him purchase.

LisaDr. Mitchell Davis’ Generosity Continues

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