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Infant Rescued from a Latrine

“I have the most amazing, miraculous story to tell you”, Ian Castleman recently wrote us, “about a dear five month old girl who was brought to my orphanage just one month ago”.

It all started October 20, 2011. Someone heard a baby’s cries coming from an outdoor latrine. With no way to get to the baby, they quickly reported it to the fire brigade, who came and dug a hole from the side of the toilet, and then lowered a man, down into the deep pit. The baby was rescued and taken to a large hospital. She was in very bad condition.

After surgery and a month of critical care she was taken to an orphanage. However “they were not able to deal with such a case, so the courts recommended that the baby be committed to our orphanage”, Ian said. Little Ruth Josephine (Castleman), as she is called, “is a beautiful baby, so quiet; she hardly ever cries and sleeps a lot.

The man who found her, and was largely responsible for her rescue, visited us after he found out where she was, and he showed me photos of her rescue operation. He is so impressed with our home and said he and his wife want to be involved somehow in the upbringing of the baby as they feel so close to this baby.”

LisaInfant Rescued from a Latrine

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