Happy New Year!

As we take a look back at the year behind us, we do so with gratitude, excitement, anticipation and confidence at the year ahead: confidence that thousands more children will be served and saved and confidence that our new programs will empower more young people to sustain themselves and build their communities.
The children are why Restore a Child exists.  They are at the core of our mission.  We are not a relief agency, trying to serve some children.  Our sole and main goal is totally focused on serving children.  We have a passion for children and are called to help them thrive and become future, trusted leaders.  And we take our calling and responsibility very seriously.
With every year come new challenges that we believe make us stronger.  With new challenges, God gives us new opportunities to pursue our dream for the Children of the World.  Our Dream is to offer children a better and safer world to live in and give them the same opportunities to pursue their dreams to build their nations and build God’s Kingdom.
Our leadership does not lack in positive vision, commitment, creativity, hard work or sacrifice.  But we need the funds and volunteers to join us to accomplish the Biblical mandate to help “the least of these” and “defend the orphan”.
Norma Nashed
Friend of Children
OscarHappy New Year!
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2015 in Review YOUR DONATIONS at Work:

Over 5,000 children were fed
4,000 sick and malnourished children were served. More in 2016 through our new Sumaia Hasso Pediatric Ward in Chad on the border of Sudan
untold thousands more of our children and the community received clean drinking water
2,000 children have access to FREE quality Christian education
300 children have safe homes to live in (42 orphan girls are now safe in the May Hasso Home we built in Manado, Indonesia, in 2015)
more young people are being trained in agriculture (fruit trees are already giving fruit), carpentry and construction in the two NEW vocational schools in Argentina and Haiti before the buildings are even completed.
In addition our projects have contributed to the economic development by offering jobs to hundreds of workers in the communities around us.
On behalf of the chairman and members of the Board of Directors of Restore a Child, I express our deepest gratitude to YOUR partnership and faithful support for the past 16 years. YOU are writing the success stories and future of children and youth who otherwise would be lost now and eternally.
Oscar2015 in Review YOUR DONATIONS at Work:
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How YOU Feel About RESTORE a Child

“…We have learned to trust Norma Nashed and her organization to do what she says she will do with the Grants.  If we did not know her personally, it would be impossible to believe that one very faith-filled dynamic woman could accomplish so much with so little.  Versacare is proud to partner with Norma Nashed and Restore a Child” –Ron Wisbey, Vice President, VERSACARE, CA, USA.
“I devoted myself and focused on Restore a Child as my main charity giving because I can think of no more worthy cause where every dollar has a significant impact on directly helping kids who are often orphans and/or food deprived. It would be hard to find a charity that equals Restore a Child. The previous record of accomplishments by this charity while working with such a limited budget is proof of its effectiveness and dedication.”—Dr. Mitchell Davis, M.D., Washington DC, USA.
 “If you want to do the most good with your money and time in helping others; there is no better charity for that purpose than Restore a Child.”  WH (faithful donor, Sacramento, California, USA.)
“Restore a Child is a wonderful example of dedication to serving children in need.  Norma Nashed, president, has for sixteen years provided quality leadership, by her unselfish giving to orphans and the needy.  Thank you for your commitment and vision.”—Larry Blackmer, Vice President for Education, North American Division, MD, USA.
OscarHow YOU Feel About RESTORE a Child
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Child-to-Child $10,000 for the Christ-mas Child

These are some of the elementary and high school students in the USA who show Love and compassion this Christmas and reach out to feed 4,000 starving and sick children worldwide and sponsor 10 other kids. We will write about your child as you let us know.  Child-to-Child is a program that we started more than 10 years ago.  We are grateful for every principal, teacher, SS teacher, youth pastor, parent who is impacting young lives and encouraging them to share and serve humanity for now and eternity.
1-  Christman family in Western Virginia (their five-year old daughter is
     a regular donor)
2-  H.M.S.Richards Elementary School in Loveland, CO  (read their testimony below) 
3-  Mandy Rebarchek SS Class in Kansas (sponsoring 9-year old Bengina from Haiti)
4-  Sandoval family in Georgia (home-schooled children observed do fast/sponsor four kids)
5-  Scott Ward Youth – Lodi, California (completed their third do fast and over $3,000)
6-  Beltsville School Children students worked hard to raise $2,500 to make a difference.
7-  Matthew and Megan Nashed (13 years and 10 years old gave all their savings of $1,500)
Earlier in the year North Aurora Elementary School students in Illinois and Escondido Middle School in California raised more than $3,000 to help other children.  We will feature your child/student/school/church as we hear from you. Be an example to those under your influence.
This time of year, ministries and organizations around the world see a massive outpouring of Gifts of Love from donors and supporters. Seeing how little children above have responded, maybe we can ask ourselves how much we are willing to give this Christmas.
We at Restore a Child must not rest as long as there is another hurting, hungry and sick child around.
May I ask you to consider taking a moment to click Giving a Gift which will have an impact more than you and I can imagine.  You can also click on the Christmas Tree Donate button below to share your joy with a child who might never experience Christmas without YOU.  Thank You.
For the Love of Children,
OscarChild-to-Child $10,000 for the Christ-mas Child
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do fast is Gaining Momentum in Schools and Churches

Is time of year, charities around the world see a massive outpouring of love from supporters and donors. It is an annual tradition to ask ourselves – and others – how much we are willing t
 Lodi Youth raise funds through do fast, California
“November 6 & 7 Lodi English Oaks Church and Lodi Academy, California, teamed up for our third annual do fast. The students started fasting after lunch on Friday and didn’t eat again until Sabbath lunch. We had a wonderful time of worship on Friday night and a scavenger hunt into the local neighborhood following clues that helped us to learn about hunger and homelessness. We all spent the night together at the church to support each other in not eating and we made a presentation in front of our congregation Sabbath morning and appealed for support for orphans as well. 
We had an amazing time and raised almost $1000 for restore a child. We will be mailing in our catalog with what we want to purchase with our money including goats, water purification systems and educational assistance for orphans. We’d like to send out a huge thank you to restore a child for offering us the opportunity to be part of such a great event!” –Scott Ward
H.M.S.Richards Elementary raise $1,000 Elementary students raise funds through do fast in LovelanColorado
For school chapel in early November, students and teachers at HMS elementary, in Northern Colorado, heard about the problem of world hunger and were challenged to find ways they could help. Once they became aware of the hunger crisis, they wanted to raise money to help hungry orphans all over the world. Lena Williams, a mom from the school, contacted the local Chipotle Restaurant and asked if they would be willing to donate a simple meal of rice and beans (recognizing that is what much of the world eats) for the students. These meals were served on Wednesdays in November. Wednesdays in November were called World Hunger Wednesdays as the students became increasingly aware of the issue of world hunger. All the money that would have been raised for a typical hot school lunch, then went towards Restore A Child. Most of the students bought lunch those days and nearly $1000.00 was raised. In addition, a couple of the classrooms are working to raise money for special needs in the Restore a child communities. We are excited that the students have an interest in helping and are experiencing compassion for the needy and hungry. In addition HMS school leaders now want to continue to support this ministry in prayer and periodic fundraisers. 
Two churches where Mitch Williams (Lena’s husband) serves as pastor and they raised more than $2,000 to enable Restore a Child help kids.
Beltsville Adventist School students raise $2,500 
Thanks to Principal Wendy Pega, students at Beltsville decided to provide food, clean water, clothing and elementary education so similar projects can keep going.
Two elementary students, Matthew and Megan Nashed, raise $1,500.
Will keep you updated of more children involvement.
Oscardo fast is Gaining Momentum in Schools and Churches
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Be an Ambassador of Hope

Ever since Restore a Child inception we have focused on Giving HOPE to children in all our promotional materials. In January 2015 while visiting our new project in Bohoc, Haiti, I met  the architect, Brian Harmon.  Brian was finalizing the Master Plan for the project.  So right there I asked him to become our Ambassador of Hope, a champion and a hero and promote us in churches and among friends and he agreed.
Since then, we have had so many volunteers from the United Nations around the world and many others who have been working tirelessly to promote Restore a Child and help marginalized children. So now we have many volunteers, donors and supporters who go beyond just a simple click or writing a check.  They genuinely work hard to be Ambassadors of Hope on ou behalf.
We are looking for more Ambassadors of Hope in 2016.  I appeal to you to write to me:
Ambassador of Hope from Argentina Welcomed
But God is not waiting for an email, HE already sent us one Ambassador of Hope last week.  She is Dr. Gabriella Garcia (L photo) from Argentina, a professional dentist for the past 16 years.  Gaby was instrumental in recruiting another couple who donated 225 acres of land so we can build the Bashir Hasso Mission Institute in Misiones, Argentina.  She wrote: “God is calling me to do more than dentistry.  I want to dedicate my life to orphan children for several years or even for life.  Do you have a place for me to serve….”  She has been impacting lives of young people in Argentina, but wants to do more. “Gaby, we have the right place for you in Haiti”, I wrote and she accepted and will be the first long-term volunteer.
All we ask of you is to share our ministry in your church, at camp meetings (some have already committed to do that), through US Federal Government CFC campaigns in your area as I cannot be in so many states at the same time.  Also share about Restore a Child with your friends, family and colleagues as opportunities arise. Help us recruit 100 new Ambassadors of Hope in 2016 and I will send you materials as we prepare them.
OscarBe an Ambassador of Hope
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Filling River Water by Hand

For more than a year we have been filling water from the distant polluted river in Bohoc, Haiti.  Jonathan Euler makes 6 trips every day so we could do construction, cook, wash and bathe, water the vegetables and 300 fruit trees. This is a full-time job, causing wear and tear on the new pick up truck and paying several young men to work all day fill the 12 barrels each trip then empty them on the property and water the farm by hand.  The fruit trees are already giving us great ripe fruits. The president of Restore a Child is not immune and works side by side with the local Haitian boys as you see in the short video below.
We have dug a well, but we need your help with installing a pump and irrigation system and hooking the well to the homes for only $20,000.
OscarFilling River Water by Hand
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Orphanage renovation in Congo

Restore a Child has been partnering with Foundation for Africa for the past eight years both in a refugee camp in Goma, East Congo, and with Othoniel High School in Kinshasa, and an Providence Orphanage in Carro. Restore a Child provides yearly support for 400 students in addition to digging a water well for the school and people in the community and building 10 latrines for the high school, where before they had none.
Restore a Child helped Foundation of Africa purchase the home that was rented before when the landlord decided to sell the home and land, and when our children there would have been left without a home. We are now helping in the remodeling of the old home.
Restore a Child also provided the funds to purchase 10 sewing machines in 2009 so that high school girls can learn a skill to help them support themselves after finishing school. Sewing classes were started in 2010 for the widows in the community to help them also provide for their families. This year 2013 two sewing machines were purchased with funds from two donors to teach the older girls in the orphanage to sew and generate income for the orphanage.
Foundation for Africa also helps Restore a Child in supervising other projects for us in Tanzania as France Mutumbo, the President of the foundation, travels regularly with volunteers from Hungary to help with the supervision and work in African countries.

Through our project „Leave a mark!” we have collected 1 million HUF since September 2012. This was achieved by allowing donators to buy virtual bricks from our virtual wall. These funds allowed us to renovate our orphanage. With the help of volunteers we were able to start the restructuring works at the end of November. Our first priority was to renovate the bathroom and water block which were in an extremely bad condition. We dismantled the walls and rebuilt them with new bricks and tiles. We also installed new pipes, a new toilet, a washstand and a shower tray. Thanks to the volunteers we could save money that we could use for buying more building materials and to build separate toilets for boys and girls. The works are nearing completion and we are very soon we will be announcing the good news that the orphanage has been fully renovated. Pictures of the finalized renovation can be seen afrikaert.hu website. We wish to thank all for their contributions. And for “leaving a mark”! Soon we are going to build up the real twin wall in Congo, with all the names we have on our online virtual wall.


Children in Dr. Kabati’s orphanage as well as children in the Namanga School in Tanzania can now be endorsed.

TANZANIA Namanga School: 31 pupils and 3 teachers
CONGO College Othniel: Near 400 pupils and 40 teachers

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„The small mountain village Bangu gave us a warm welcome when we arrived to bring them medicine and medical instruments. Children were as always our primary concern and w were sad to find that, besides adults, there were only children under the age of 10. Unfortunately less children can reach the grown up age here, than you would imagine.”– Balazs tells sadly.
The current group’s program will end soon but the next group of volunteers is preparing for their travel. Janos Babay, one of our Kinshasa volunteers, made great strides in providing our orphans with a more varied diet. He also taught orphans and nurses to bake bread and donuts. Sweets being very popular among the locals, they tasted the donuts gladly.

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The new “„Life and soul saving” bus!” project has started!
Our goal is raise funds to buy a minibus. Building on the success of our brick-purchasing program, we are starting a car parts-buying program. For our Kinshasa kids we plan to buy, with your support, a 10-seat-minibus to help them meet their daily transportation needs.

For the children of La Providence Orphanage and College Othniel primary and secondary school, both located in different parts of town, the availability of a minibus would mean that they could reach their institutes easier and faster. The minibus would also allow them to more easily reach a GP, hospital, vaccination centre, post office and civil service centre. A minibus would not only improve the children’s and adults’ quality of life but could save lives in emergency situations. Being able to reach any place in town quickly and easily would be reassuring for the children, nurses and teachers. That’s why we decided to name the Ford Transit minibus a “soul saver”.

How can we get the microbus?

Similarly to the “Leave a mark!” program you can buy bricks for 3000 HUF each. Every brick means a car part. We plan to decorate the minibus with the photos, messages and logos of the donators. This will be your way to leave a mark in Africa. Help us to buy a minibus for the children of La Providence Orphanage and College Othniel primary and secondary school.

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Did you know that while 2/3 of the Earth is covered by water, only 2.5% is freshwater of which 1% is frozen in the ice caps of the Globe (kvvm.hu)? According to the United Nations, 96% of this minute freshwater supply is under the surface and every seventh human being (1 billion) lives without regular fresh water provision. 80% of deaths are from diseases caused by the lack of clean or purified water. We are trying to make a difference and we are happy to announce that we have provided 400 students in Kinshasa with fresh water! This is one our most important achievements in making helping to build a better future for these children. In Europe we take water for granted but for many Africans it is a blessing!

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How can we build a sustainable together? The answer is obvious! Through our children, the potential adults of the future! We build a bridge between Europe and Africa to bring together young people who have different cultures but similar dreams together. Our goal is to take small steps to familiarize them with each others’ cultures. Poverty, environmental protection and tolerance are universal questions.

OscarOrphanage renovation in Congo
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Goats for Haiti by Intermountain Academy

Here are the photos and stories of families in Haiti who received the 14 goats donated by Intermountain Adventist Academy in Colorado, USA.

Family 1
This is the Silvia family and they have fallen on hard times after the father abandoned them. This leaves Silvia to care for the family doing what ever jobs she can find. Her plan is to raise this goat to produce offspring and eventually have 5 goats that will provide income for the family.
Family 2
Here is Jean Robert who has recently been abandoned by his wife leaving him to raise their two boys. Due to a motorcycle accident he has been injured and can not work. Not only will this goat provide an income for Jean Robert and his family it will be a companion to see him through a difficult time in his life.
Family 3
Next we have the Cherubin family and their goat. Mr. Cherubin has three kids two girls and one boy. Ms. Cherubin’s daughter was killed in the earthquake along with her nephew. They only have one person in the family that is working so the goat will really help them provide for their needs.
Family 4
Here is the Herns family with their newest member Adasa the goat. The grandfather lost his wife in the earthquake and he is to old and sick to work. His oldest son was just taken to prison because of false charges brought on by a wealthy criminal in their neighborhood. They will take care of this goat and make an income for the family.
Family 5
Next are Jack and his family. Jack has been working very hard at the Adventist Hospital here in Carrefour picking up trash and taking care of the grounds. His wife just had their first baby and he is 6 months old. The boy has been in and out of the hospital since birth and the family does not have enough money to pay for all the treatment. This goat will help them to give their newborn a good life.
Family 6
Now we have Jerry and his mother. Jerry is the first friend I had when I came to Haiti more than two years ago. In 2008 Jerry’s father was killed when the Artibonite river flooded and it has been very difficult for them ever since. His mother works as a house servant for one of the employees at the Adventist Hospital here in Carrefour. Jerry is excited to have this goat as a pet and a source of income for him and his mother.
Family 7
This is Venel, his wife died of cancer in 2011 leaving him to raise the two boys. He does day labor on the farm when possible and makes gravel by hand. He will give this goat a good home in the country side and raise many babies.
Family 8
This is the François family and they have five kids, six now with the new goat. The grandfather has been the gate keeper of the Adventist Hospital here in Carrefour for 28 years. As gate keeper his salary is very low so he and the family are very happy to be getting this goat.
Family 9
Exume has worked at Haiti Adventist Hospital since 2007 as an emergency room technician. He is a very hard worker and well respected by his colleagues. He has a lovely wife with three boys ages 9, 7, and 18 months. His wife is very busy looking after the children and taking care of their humble home which means Exume’s small income is their only income. This goat will be a great addition to their family and big help as well.
Family 10
Here we have the Felix family (my personal favorite). Felix and his wife have been married for 38 years with 37 of those years spent working as the grounds keeper for the Adventist Hospital here in Carrefour Haiti. In my opinion Felix is the best worker at the hospital and always has a great attitude despite the difficult conditions. I know he will take great care of the goat and raise it to be very profitable for him and his family.
Family 11
This is Sandra and her twins. She is a single mother doing the best she can to provide for her kids. Her father was killed in the earthquake and she does not have anyone else to help her. This goat will provide much needed income for her and the twins.
Family 12 Long-term volunteers
Now we have the Long-Term volunteer family with their new Goat named Billy. We each have come here from around the world to do our best to Help the people of Haiti. Each of us have our unique stories on how we got here and have learned so much about this country in need. Our plan is to raise this goat to multiply and then donate baby after baby to help poor people in this area. Thank You So Much !
Family 13
This is the Syfrin family with their new goat. Mr. Syfrin’s sister was killed in the earthquake and things have been very difficult ever since. I know that they will provide a good home for the goat and raise it to be profitable for the family.
Family 14
Next we have the Augustave family. They have four kids and live in the mountains above Carrefour. The family has a nice place to keep the goat and raise it. I have done a lot of work with this family and they always work hard and take care of their things. I know this will be a good home for the goat and it will live long and multiply.
OscarGoats for Haiti by Intermountain Academy
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Bere Adventist Hospital Chad

This is one of the many newborns who come to Bere Adventist Hospital after being born at home. Often, the mother will labor at home with her mother-in-law for days before going to a health center and then more days there before finally being referred to Bere Adventist Hospital. The babies are often dead by the time they arrive to the hospital and the mothers are very sick also. The babies who survive this ordeal are often exhausted, hypoglycemic, stricken with malaria, infected with tetanus from their umbilical cord being cut with dirty scissors or with infections of other sorts. The babies that can’t breastfeed well are giving tubes in their nose that go to their stomachs. That way, they can be fed breast milk through the tube. As well, this baby has an IV to receive antibiotics.
This is one of many children who come to Bere Adventist Hospital with Burkitt’s Lymphoma. Burkitt’s Lymphoma is the fastest growing cancer in the world. It only occurs in Africa. However, there are very good cure rates with chemotherapy.
This baby came to Bere Adventist Hospital with a meningocele. Sometimes there are parts of the spinal cord in these pouches. If that’s the case, the baby will probably never walk or use the bathroom properly. If there is no spinal cord in the pouch, we can do a surgery to close it and the baby can grow up big and healthy… like you!
Nobody here has a stove like you do at home. Everybody here cooks over a fire on the ground. And with so many children running around, the children often trip and fall into the fire. Many children come to Bere Adventist Hospital with severe burns covering their bodies. If may take several months, but these children can heal and grow up to run and play just like you. They may have scars on their skin, but they can otherwise do everything you can do!
This little girl came to Bere Adventist Hospital with hydrocephalus. Many children come to the hospital with hydrocephalus, a disease which causes the head to grow to an enormous size, too big for the neck to support! This is something doctors can readily treat in America. But here in Tchad, there is unfortunately no way to treat it.
This little girl came to Bere Adventist Hospital with a huge tumor in her belly. After a long and difficult surgery, she was able to recover completely and go home. Maybe someday, you’ll get to meet her and play with her. Her life was saved here at Bere Adventist Hospital. Perhaps when you get to Heaven, she’ll tell you her whole story.
This poor little boy came to Bere Adventist Hospital with a tumor growing out of the side of his neck. Nobody else wanted to operate on it. The other boys and girls made fun of him. Here at Bere Adventist Hospital, we removed the tumor, and the boy is now able to play with his friends and go to school.
OscarBere Adventist Hospital Chad
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