Chad 2007-present

Restore a Child is supporting the work of medical doctor missionary Dr. James Appel in Bere, Chad plus several other medical doctors who are sacrificing their lives there.  We renovated a big area and transformed it into a Pediatric Ward which is almost always full of sick children. After 10 years at Bere Adentist Hospital and losing two of his children, James moved to Mondou to build a surgical clinic which we invested in also.  He serves in a small hospital which is almost constantly overwhelmed by the medical needs of the poor, especially for their children. Dr. Appel was often the only surgeon and doctor in the hospital.  Now he is replaced by Drs. Olen and Danae Netteburg.

James has moved to Abou Gouddam to build a new hospital on the border with Sudan here medical care is unvailable.  We are supporting the work there and have built Sumaia Hasso Pediatric Ward, plus digging a well and planting fruit trees and a garden to provide nutritious meals for the children.  We provide support so that children in the area can be treated for diseases such as malaria or operated on in medical emergencies. Funding is directed to the hospital in Bere through the Health Care System International at Loma Linda University, Loma Linda, California.

In Bere Restore a Child is also investing in the Nutrition Center where Zachary Gately is Director.  We save more than a thousand children from death because of malnutrition.  We are working to expand the Nutrition Center and also help the Mobile Clinic to reach more sick people in remote villages who cannot afford the cost of transportation.

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