Second Sabbath in November—Sundown Friday to Sundown Sabbath

Fast 24 hours to save a life, and forever change yours.

Partnership between The North American Division Education, Ministerial, and Youth Departments

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After registering, download materials and curriculum specifically design for dofast – the fast to defend orphans

Restore a Child dofast is helping children in many countries and assist in a variety of ways, including providing food, education, and medical care. What does it mean to be hungry? To be starving? To be unsupported?

Restore a Child is a Christian organization that provides the basic needs for protection, nutrition, education and healthcare for orphans and underprivileged children so they may become fulfilled and productive adults. Help us make a difference in the world and help children grow into a sustainable community that will contribute in return to our planet's future. Give now.

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Second Sabbath in November—Sundown Friday to Sundown Sabbath