Thematic Unit 3 – THIS IS HOW I GO TO SCHOOL

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This is the Thematic Unit 3 - THIS IS HOW I GO TO SCHOOL.
  • LESSON #1. Objective: To collect all the items on the court and place them in the basket simulating filling Moses’ donkey’s basket, recognizing the sacrifices some children make to go to school.
  • LESSON #2. Objective: Will gain an understanding of how people of other countries are resourceful and creative. That music can be made with simple things.
  • LESSON #3. Objective: Students will be able to retell a story using storytelling tools. Students will also gain appreciation for those cultures who learn through oral traditions.
  • LESSON #4. Objective:Students will collect information facts about how students learn in the United States and compare it to how students learn in the Democratic Republic of Congo (or country of choosing). Using the information they’ve collected, they will create an online poster using Glogster (
  • LESSON #5. Objective: Learning Simulations.To have as few balls as possible in your team’s possession when the whistle is blown.
Thematic Unit 3 – THIS IS HOW I GO TO SCHOOL

Thematic Unit 2 – THIS IS WHERE I LIVE

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This is the Thematic Unit 2 - THIS IS WHERE I LIVE.
  • LESSON #1. Objective: The children will be able to identify your state on a United States map, as well as the city that you are located in.
  • LESSON #2. Objective: Students will become aware of the different homes in which people may live. In a simple bar graph they will compare the dwellings of their classmates.
  • LESSON #3. Objective: Students will listen to the story of a dog that, for a few days, loses his family and his home. The story introduces young students to the difficulties of homelessness and invites them to respond with empathy and compassion.
  • LESSON #4. Objective: Explore shelters around the world. Make crayon rubbings to construct textured models of homes where people in various cultures and time periods live.
  • LESSON #5. Objective: Just as humans need oxygen, food, and water, they also need shelter. This need for shelter is satisfied in a variety of ways. This lesson will explore ways in which the environment influences the design and construction of homes around the world. The students will understand how humans adapt to variations in the physical environment and be able to describe how the physical environment, including weather and climate, influences building styles and the availability of building materials.
Thematic Unit 2 – THIS IS WHERE I LIVE

Sharing: Fundraising Tips for Teachers, Students, and Families

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Raise Awareness
  1. Add an instruction component about orphans to your lesson plans. (Download or request a CD of thematic units,
  2. View Restore a Child’s web site,, to see project descriptions, pictures, and videos.
  3. View Restore a Child’s YouTube videos.
  4. School or each classroom selects a project from gift catalog.
  5. Students brainstorm a plan to raise funds and awareness, include method(s) and 5–10 steps to help them create timeline and divide plan into tasks.
  6. Students share plan with parent(s)/guardian(s) and ask them to share with their professional and social networks to help students raise funds and awareness.
  7. Students tell as many people as they can about orphans’ plight and what students are doing to help.
  8. Invite your school board members to take active leadership roles and engage their networks to raise funds and awareness. Invite the entire school faculty and staff to support the students as much as possible.
  9. Fine tune and promote your fundraising plan. Launch campaign. Notify constituent communities, institutions, and vendors.
  10. Assign student reporters to track progress; take pictures for yearbook; chart donations; create skits/quizzes for student assemblies to report progress.

Take Action
Sponsor a Child. Each student, classroom, or school sponsors a child. Develop a fundraising plan that students can sustain for a whole school year. Have a monthly focus to keep campaign dynamic. Offer incentives, prizes, and public recognition of participants. Document on video or audio and post to your school web site; also send to Restore a Child to post to its web site. Here are a few ideas:
  • Conduct a “Change for Children” during School Spirit Week or create a monthly theme/focus or assign each classroom to take one month’s responsibility to keep momentum going with activities, signs, contests. Homeroom classes can compete to raise the most funds.
  • Host a pancake or spaghetti dinner for families and faculty host churches, neighboring congregations, neighborhood block event
  • Ask neighbors to give you daily or weekly chores or make one-time donation to earn funds: walk neighbor pets, help elderly neighbors do chores, babysit, mow lawns, water gardens.
  • At school and church programs, charge admission and donate proceeds or, in lieu of admission, ask for donations.
  • Encourage parents to borrow books and videos from the library instead of buying them, and donate the savings!
  • Visit the stores and businesses the school and/or each student family patronize. Ask owners and managers to match donations raised by students, class, or school, or to donate a percentage of their profit during the school year (nine months). Provide monthly reports of total funds raised to these local sponsors and appropriately recognize these local sponsors at the fundraising events, in the school paper, on school signs and billboards, and donate the savings.
  • Host “a-Thon,” such as a help-, work-, walk-, trike-, bike-, run-a-thon.
  • Tell a friend!

Give children the future they deserve.

See for more ideas and information and …

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Sharing: Fundraising Tips for Teachers, Students, and Families

Sharing: An Early Childhood Education Thematic Unit

This is the CD cover for one of our most recent Early Childhood Educational resources. CD Content:
  • Power Point Presentation
  • Helping Hands (MP3)
  • Harvest Song (MP3)
  • Sharing Song (Mp3)
  • Fundraising Kit with Instructions
  • Poster
Click here to download your copy today!
Sharing: An Early Childhood Education Thematic Unit

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