HAITI 2005-present

In Montrouis, Restore A Child was providing food and education to 177 students, among them 30 orphans from 2005-2012. We also distributed food to thousands of people in the community during the 2010 earthquake.

In 2011 Restore a Child partnered with Ronald MaGloire, Director of Upward Bound Ministry in Bois Pin, LasCahobas and under the direction of Professor John Youngberg from Southern Adventist University in Tennessee and our board member we built a guesthouse for volunteers on the second floor of The MaGloire’s home, which we also invested $30,000.  In 2013 we purchased two pieces of land for building Restore a Child Academie and with a grant from VERSACARE of Riverside, California, and funds from the Hasso family.

December 2013 Restore a Child Academy became a reality, built in four months under the supervision of Civil Engineer Joseph Valcin from New York.  The school now has 200 poor children from the community who come hungry without eating breakfast.  One food bank is providing food and snacks for all the children every day. We hired four cooks to cook a nutritious meal and built a kitchen and storage for the food. A reservoir of clean drinking has been built to harvest water during the five-month rainy season since the municipal water is not reliable.

According to UNICEF children in Haiti go for 3 years to school and still are not able to read one word. Most girls drop from school after third grade. Restore a Child hires teachers with college degrees and students learn French. During our Founder’s visit in March 2017, she tested all grades in Math, reading and writing and found students greatly improved. Nashed knows speaks French fluently and could do the testing.

Boispin, Haiti.

Boispin, Haiti.

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