Rose Gamblin

gamblinDr. Rose Gamblin was born in Walla Walla, Washington.  At the age of 11 she and her family went to Nigeria, West Africa, as missionaries. After returning from Africa at the age of 16 she graduated from Greater New York Academy. Upon completing her Bachelor’s of Science degree in Elementary Education from Southwestern Adventist University, she taught in both public and private schools, infant through collegiate levels over the span of 25 years. She earned a Master’s of Education Administration from Frostburg State University, and has completed her Ph.D. in Leadership from Andrews University.

She is the president of MRG Media Ministries, and writes and produces two weekly radio shows for Life Talk—Homeschool Companion, and Education Currents. She has served the Review and Herald as an educational specialist and was instrumental in the development of the I Can Read series and the Life Skills Curriculum. She is the author of eight books and is a contributing author for Kids’ Ministry Ideas and LEAD magazines. Her passion for the gospel and people is contagious.

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