By advocating children’s rights, Restore a Child is addressing the need of basic services that are fundamentals for their development and survival.  We believe that children cannot be saved by awareness alone, but by action and adopting new solutions.  Solutions are achieved by helping one child at a time.  Restore a Child empowers children to grow and become productive and responsible citizens who can make a change in their communities and a change for peace and prosperity within the world. Collaborations with several other NGOs within the United States, Canada, Europe, and Australia have matured over time and we are now beginning to harvest the benefits of running a small, but unique, charity with genuine integrity; one which is highly committed to values that are impacting our world for good.

Restore a Child believes that children have a right to be protected and given the opportunity to develop in a safe environment– in a “world fit for children”.
– Norma Nashed, Restore a Child’s President

Restore a Child’s Community Outreach Programs reflect compassion beyond words.  2011 has ushered new opportunities for greater service in the field of food security through our agricultural programs to reduce hunger.  According to UNICEF, one in every six of the world’s population is hungry. We build homes to protect children, we build schools and ensure a good quality education for those that would otherwise go without. Restore a Child digs wells to allow free access to clean drinking water for entire communities.  We also fund the construction of clinics and provide medical care to combat disease. It is because of YOU, our donor, that Restore a Child can continue to grow and serve thousands more with a tangible expression of love.

The current economic climate is unfavorable and as a result we face many challenges. However, we cannot allow this to undermine the commitment that we made 10 years ago, in 1999.  Each child deserves a fresh start– just think of what a difference your donation will do to offer even ONE child a new fresh start!

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