Shelter projects

For children displaced by disaster, war and conflict, a stable and safe environment is crucial for their healthy development. To provide for the children’s security, we built homes in Congo (DRC), Ethiopia, Haiti, Indonesia, Tanzania and Zimbabwe.
Starting in the wake of the tsunami of 2004, Restore a Child supports 250 children in seven homes in Indonesia. In 2015 the May Hasso Home was built in Manado for 42 orphan girls. We believe in giving girls a chance. Small homes will be built in Argentine and Haiti as well.Our commitment to education is progressive, enduring and inclusive. We believe in gender equality. Girls education pays off in the lives of future generations as they become the future mothers.

When we build schools, we build more than bricks and cement, we build lives that build communities and nations… and thus promote economic growth.

We offer FREE education so no child is left behind and have built eight elementary schools and are building two new vocational schools in Haiti and Argentina in 2016-2017.

In addition, we support thousands of students in Chad, Congo, Indonesia, Jordan and South Sudan. 35 students are attending universities in Indonesia, while 19 young people have graduated with distinction and are giving back to their communities.

Oscar CombarrosShelter projects