Meet Restore A Child’s New Chairman, Dr. Jonathan Kuntaraf


Jonathan Kuntaraf, born into a Buddhist family in Indonesia, was baptized when he was 17. During the past 38 years he has served as a pastor, college professor and administrator. He earned his doctorate degree in ministry from Andrews University in 1979.

His wife, Kathleen, is a physician and the daughter of a Christian physician. She has served as a hospital physician, as a project coordinator and assistant director with Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA), and as a division health director. Dr. Kuntaraf is a very generous donor to Restore A Child. He also has been promoting and fundraising for our organization since the first year he joined our Board, six years ago. It is because of Dr. Kuntaraf that the President of HELP International has been very generous to support the several orphanages we support in Indonesia. Thank you, Dr. Kuntaraf, for accepting this new position and we assure you that we all feel honored to have you serve as chairman of our Board of Directors.
Restore A Child also will introduce three very prominent professionals who will join our board soon. Stay tuned!

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