Water projects

WATER IS LIFE and we do not value it until we get thirsty.

There are around one billion people who have no access to clean drinking water. Some people survive on only 6 ounces of water a day. Some of us don’t realize that water scarcity is a global crisis. Some women and children walk 10 miles each day to get only a small bucket of water while some of us in the USA use 50 gallons of water every day for a shower.
Since its inception, Restore a Child recognized this need and dug the first well in Kenya in 2007. That was followed by another well for a school in Congo, DRC, and then deepened a well in Zimbabwe, and dug a well for school we built in Tanzania, followed by Haiti and Chad. And where we don’t dig wells, we pay to bring municipal water to children homes and schools like what we did for the home we built in Ambo, Ethiopia. In addition, we offer our clean drinking water to entire communities where we serve.
Mothers can spend their time taking care of their little children instead of walking half of the day to fetch water. Little children can now go to school instead of spending their days walking to carry water to their families. We help in the solution of contaminated water-born diseases and death.
Restore a Child believes in sustainability of our projects and thus started agricultural development in several countries where we teach young people to work the fields and grow their own food. Your support is helping us accomplish all that. What a privilege and an awesome responsibility we have to bring life-giving water to the poor. Water is so important that Christ promised a reward for those who respond to His plea, “I was thirsty and you gave me a drink”.
Thank you for being part of the solution to the water crisis in the world.

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