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Trip to Ukraine, August 2018

Here is a short video and photos of Norma Nashed’s visit to Kharkiv, Luviv, Bucha, and Carpatia in Ukraine in August, 2018.


A school before remodeling in Kharkiv.

School remodeled in Kharkiv.

Refugee camo in Kharkiv.

Refugee camp in Kharkiv.

Refugee in Kharkiv.

Kids in Kharkiv.

Refugee camp in Kharkiv.

Norma in Bucha.

A school in Luviv.

Remodeled school in Kharkiv.

A school in Bucha.

School in Bucha.

Students in Kharkiv school.

Kids playing at Kharkiv school.

Carpathia school in western Ukraine, on the border with Romania.

Refugees in Kharkiv.

Little girl in refugee camp in Kharkiv.


Students of the school in Luviv.

The school in Luviv. Restore a Child is purchasing the building next door to expand the school.

Luviv school.

Luviv school.

Ben SumnerTrip to Ukraine, August 2018