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Daniel Hasso is laid to rest

Restore a Child Board of Directors extend their deepest condolences to the Hasso family at their great loss of the family Patriarch, Daniel Hasso. The Board also expresses its deep sympathy to Randy Akrawi, a great member of our Board of Directors, and the nephew of Daniel Hasso.
Daniel Hasso, a quiet and soft-spoken man, was the precious only son of Bashir Hasso for whom Restore a Child has dedicated a mission institute. Engineer Warren McDaniels, President of BEAM in Argentina joins us in expressing his sympathy to the Hasso family for their loss.
My relationship with Daniel Hasso and his wife Sumaia and children goes back 50 years to the time i worked at the International American School in Kuwait. I visited him and his wife Sumaia in 2018 in their new home. Daniel has always been gracious and generous to me. Every time I stayed in their own home in Newport Beach, CA, when I visited Loma Linda, he would meet me upon arrival and take my heavy luggage and take it upstairs, even at age 90. I will miss you Daniel. The last time he drove me from Loma Linda to Newport Beach at night in his sports car. He drove so fast that he scared me. During this drive Daniel told me: “Norma, you are the only one whom Sumaia loves to see and loves for you to stay in our home.”
Ben SumnerDaniel Hasso is laid to rest