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Des Paul is laid to rest

Restore a Child Chairman and members of our Board of Directors join me in expressing our deepest condolences to the family of Des Paul.
Des Paul was our partner in Harare, Zimbabwe, a country no one wants to live in.
For 44 years Des, with one arm due to an accident, went to serve the less fortunate orphan children in Zimbabwe. Restore a Child learned about Des15 years ago through Paula Leen, another giant woman who served as a missionary for 30 years in Zimbabwe. Since then, Restore a Child helped Des build the Dr. Davis Home for orphans. We helped him purchase land for agriculture and to plant fruit trees. We built classrooms for his early childhood kids. We financed a bakery to make and sell bread for income generation.
Des believed in building the community and trained 4,000 people to grow their own food. Many of the people he trained have received a Certificate of Excellence in agricultural methods.
Des greatest love was for his little children. He taught them to plant gardens and work with their own hands. He was a handy man and knew how to do everything… even with one arm. Over the last two years both legs were amputated because of diabetes. We will miss you, Des.
Ben SumnerDes Paul is laid to rest