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“The TRUST Crisis”

The Chronicle of PHILANTHROPY

“The public’s declining regard for nonprofits may hurt fundraising, advocacy, and hiring… Charities are using data to look for clues. A heartwarming story may pull folks in, but institutional funders and even many individual donors increasingly demand hard evidence that your organization is making a difference. ”

From its inception, Restore a Child integrity has always gained the confidence and “Trust” of our faithful donors. We invite the inward look . The extraordinary life and work of the Founder, members of the Board of Directors, and our trusted volunteer CPA/Treasurer, confirm that. Because of our level of trust , we have reached a new level of growth in grants from foundations and people of high net-worth who would like to remain anonymous. One Extraordinary gift of $200,000 from a friend was restricted for the purchase of an office in West Palm Beach, FL. Another friend donated $150,000 again to cover all operational costs in 2020 . This assures you that 100% of your donations to Restore a Child go directly to the children and projects.

During the last few days of 2019 God came through, again as always, with a BIG miracle to balance the budget and start 2020 Strong.

Help us raise $100,000 by February 28, 2020.

Thank you Friends for your faithful support.

Norma Nashed

Ben Sumner“The TRUST Crisis”