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Let justice roll down like waters…

Did you know… each year diarrhea from unsafe drinking water kills around 525,000 children under five? The statistics are staggering. Water is life. By providing clean water, you help us save lives. We cannot do this without YOU. Thank you for joining our Journey for Justice .

What People do…

Many events are held worldwide during World Water Day. These include…

  • Educational events
  • Campaigns to raise money
  • Special broadcasts on television, radio and the Internet
  • Walks, runs and swimming, etc.

Raising awareness is good, but not enough no matter how good our intentions. Solutions make the difference…Solutions come one child at a time.

Water is a “basic human right”
We promise justice to give children their “right”

At Restore a Child we do more than raise awareness…

  • 2006: Brought water to the orphanage we built in Ambo, Ethiopia, the school our partners, Help International, built, plus the community
  • 2007: TWO wells: orphanage in Nairobi, Kenya, and another for a school and orphanage in Kinshasa, Congo plus the community
  • 2008: We helped deepen a dry well for an orphanage in Zimbabwe.
  • 2009: A well for the school we built in Namanga, Tanzania, and community
  • 2010: Water filtration systems to two homes for orphans in Haiti.
  • 2010-2017: Paid for trucks to transport water to isolated villages in Longido, Masaai, Tanzania. Partnership with Friedenseau Adventist University, Germany
  • 2013: Well and reservoir to collect rain water for Restore a Child Academie in Haiti.
  • 2016: A well for Norman Hasso Home and school in Bohoc, Haiti
  • 2016-2018: Three wells and three water reservoirs for orphanage in Tanzania, partnership with Dunia Ya Heri, from Germany.
  • 2018: Water for Karao isolated village with an Adventist school with 170 children. The whole town never had water before.

This is all possible because of your faithful generosity. Thank you for trusting us with your gifts to the children of the world.

Please click on the short two-minute video below to see the impact of your donations.

Our 4,000 healthy and happy Children say… Thank You.





Norma Nashed

Founder and President

Ben SumnerLet justice roll down like waters…