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Children Is Why We Exist…

You Can Save Her Life

In these challenging times of being home bound, we can turn the disappointments into appointments that can enhance our mental health and optimize our brain, which really may be even more important than our physical health. The focus you give to “the least of these” shadow children will pay dividends in every positive way imaginable.

Approximately 6 million Syrian children are suffering… some for 10 years. They need our help! Restore a Child is committed to help… but we need YOU.

In refugee camps, schools are the only safe place for children to be kids and play and forget their suffering. Schools are the only place where they receive the only meal for the day. This is now taken away from them. All this is adding to their stress and future mental health.

We recognize and appreciate that you are doing your part fighting for your survival and those around you. We are grateful for that. However, let’s remember the innocent children who are being attacked by their own government in Syria. They are displaced. Emergency nutrition, clean water and health care are crucial due to the spread of the Corona Virus worldwide. Syrian refugee children need us, and you are a part of US.

There is no “US” without “YOU.” During these Desperate Times, can we count on YOU?


Photos sent by Dr. Edmond Haddad, our partner in this new work for Syrian refugee children in Beirut, Lebanon. We will need more help as the Corona Virus spreads.

Ben SumnerChildren Is Why We Exist…