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Pandemic of a Different Kind

Dear Restore a Child Family,

Spring is in the air…

Usually, sunshine invites us to go out with family or friends to enjoy warm breezes and smell blooming flowers. Children run and dance as the warm breezes touch their faces and push them to play in the park, especially on weekends. Children are supposed to be on Spring break. No doubt you and your family have been looking for this time together. Perhaps to go on a mission trip, or to visit loved ones in another state, or go on a long-awaited-for vacation.

The Pandemic has completely disrupted our lives. Families are torn apart… isolated. The future is unknown. Everything is on hold. All these hopes have been dashed and your children are disappointed and sad. We know how you feel because we are all suffering from the Coronavirus pandemic. Our donors have become family during the past years. We want you to know that we are thinking of you and praying for ALL of you.

Our Chairman and members of the Board of Directors of Restore a Child join me sending each one of you our love and gratitude. We know the uncertainty you face. We want to know how you and your loved ones are doing. It is because of YOU that thousands of children around the world survive a different pandemic in their young lives.

Some of you will not be able to attend the graduation of your child, friend or relative. Others will not be able to stand by the bedside of a sick or dying family member. Family reunions, marriage ceremonies and funerals are cancelled as the death toll continues to rise.

May this time be a time of reflection on the past blessings from God. Psalms 91 has promises for All of us. We will get through and together be better people because of this health calamity in the world.





Founder and President

Ben SumnerPandemic of a Different Kind