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Out of COVID-19, Hope Still Remains

I received this photo among many others from our partners with the Nutrition Center at Bere Adventist Hospital where Restore a Child has been deeply involved in saving thousands of lives of children for 10 years. Often these children cannot even stand on their feet, like this three year old boy. There is urgent need to replenish the food supply so no child is turned away. This child needed even medical care in the hospital for one month. Please JOIN OUR JOURNEY OF HOPE today with a click on the button below and save a life.


Many organizations around the world are searching to find meaning in what suddenly happened to our world. But at Restore a Child, our theme remains GIVE HOPE. GIVE HOPE to marginalized children.

Few years ago Norma was contacted by the Stewardship Department at the General Conference, to write an article about HOPE in the DYNAMIC STEWARD magazine. You can click on this link and read the whole article.


Uncertainty, loneliness, depression and sense of hopelessness creeps upon us and it looks like we can’t get out of it. A black cloud and “no amount of wind can blow it away.” The intensity of isolation is deep, and it leaves only pain.

Children easily pick up on our behavior and are affected by what they see… when we exhibit anxiety, fear and stress of financial pressures and social distancing. Holding their hands to show them God’s love in a tangible way is what they need right now. Jesus is our only HOPE. If we don’t invest in the children, others will… and the world will suffer.

Richard Stearns, former World Vision President in a speech to 1,000 corporate executives at the Mobilization to End Poverty, stated:

World Vision did a survey to find the attitudes of evangelicals toward the AIDS pandemic in Africa, which has left 15 million children orphaned. Only 3 percent of these evangelicals answered yes to the question of whether they personally would be willing to give financially to help these orphaned children. Atheists and non-church goers were significantly more likely to be willing to help. So where are our blind spots today?

Will it be that we built bigger and bigger church sanctuaries to meet our consumptive needs of PowerPoint screens and praise songs while the rest of the world lived and died in demeaning poverty ravaged by hunger, thirst, disease and genocide? I don’t deny that American Christians and churches are doing good. The question is whether our definition of good is good enough. Is God pleased by what he sees?

Well, 98 percent of the 2.5% (tithe and offerings) Christians give was spent right here (USA) within our churches and our communities and 2% of the 2.5% is given for a world wracked by grinding poverty. In other words, the commitment of America’s Christians to the 2.5 billion people who live on less than $2 a day was just about 6 cents per Christian per day.

Consider this: that the 7.5 percent missing tithe would equal $168 billion each year. More than enough to end extreme poverty in our world.
Sobering thoughts!



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Ben SumnerOut of COVID-19, Hope Still Remains