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A Compelling National TV Report …Kupang Orphanage, Indonesia

Grace, the mother at Kupang orphanage supervises her children as they make hundreds of masks for the poor. The CDOVID-19 Crisis has challenged our orphans in Indonesia.

Leadership with a Vision….
In 2017 the founder of Restore a Child went again to Indonesia with Dr. Kuntaraf and his wife, Kathleen, to dedicate two Restore a Child Training Centers: Kupang above and Manado. The results of this Vision has been recognized by Indonesia National TV. Indonesia population is 95%T Moslems.

While some carry the slogan: “Every Child in School”, Restore a Child is busy educating thousands of children and graduating and training hundreds of young people. They are giving back. You see the impact in one of four orphanages in Indonesia we are giving them the tools to train and prepare for service. Help us train hundreds more young people with $30 a month.

Left over masks after distributing to church members, the orphanage and poor in the community, those most at risk of illness.

Empower Children…Optimize Potential

BECAUSE OF YOU…Glimmer of Hope

Heart-warming Success Story

“Raminson Siregar became orphan when he lost his mother at a very young age. His poor and very sick father sent him to his uncle who was poor and could not support him either. He developed healthy leadership qualities at Medan home sponsored by Restore a Child. He demonstrated the spirit of service during seven years until he graduated from high school.

Quality Education… Why it Matters

Raminson served as missionary for one year. But we believe in quality education so we sent him to UNAI (Indonesia Adventist University) partly with the support of Andrew Kuntaraf Memorial School Fund. Andrew’s life ended tragically by an accident at age 33. But his legacy of love now in hundreds of lives and in more than 51 university graduates and 50 more to graduate by 2021.

You Have Changed Raminson’s Life from Poverty to Prosperity

Raminson worked very hard as a night watchman, and studied hard during the day. He graduated in June 2019 from UNAI University, majoring in Information Technology, with the highest GPA of all university graduates. UNAI University employed him in the IT Department.” –Jonathan Kuntaraf, Founder/President of YAPI and former Chairman of Restore a Child and still an active member of our Board.

Dr. Jonathan Kuntaraf, our former Chairman of the Board and now a member, sent us the following results from Indonesia:

275 high school graduates
51 University Graduates, giving back
41 graduating from university in 2020
234 are currently studying in university
260 total baptisms

These are impressive hard to match results of Restore a Child work in just one country. Thank you for believing in us and for your continued faithful generosity. We are growing because of people like YOU and we thank God. Together we are making this world a better place for us, our children and our grandchildren for now and eternity.

Ben SumnerA Compelling National TV Report …Kupang Orphanage, Indonesia