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“Childhood Happens Only Once… Give Children Theirs”

Dear Friend,

Is there anything closer than the relationship between a mother and her child? For centuries, one of the most popular subjects for artists to paint was Mary with her baby son, Jesus. Mary knew that her son was to be the Savior of the world, the King of Kings, but He was also her son. She fed him, protected him, cared for him, followed his ministry and watched, horrified and devastated as her beloved son paid the price for our sins. The strength of their relationship is emphasized when Jesus, in his agony at the Cross, cried out to John, asking him to take care of his mother.

Jesus shows his humanness in his love for his mother. As Mother’s Day approaches, we are reminded of the strong bond between mother and child, and we want to celebrate and lift our mothers up. One of the most frightening things about this pandemic is that the disease seems to disproportionately affect our parents and grandparents. There are too many people who will not be able to hug their mothers or share a meal with them.

If you are wondering what to give your mother or grandmother for Mother’s Day, may I suggest that the most meaningful gift to your mother would be a gift that reflects the love she has given you. A gift that gives, a gift that will bless your mother and bless children who never knew the love of a mother: the orphans.

You can order this book from Amazon or from any Adventist Book Center, a book written by a prolific author of 35 books, Dr. William Johnsson:
NORMA: Beyond Their Tears.
ALL royalties from this book will go to feed and provide water to thousands of orphans during this Pandemic.

Alayne Thorpe, Ph.D.
Academic Dean/Andrews University
Restore a Child Board of Directors, Member

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