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We’re all in this TOGETHER! #COVID-19 can’t stop the GOOD!

The worst pandemic of our time cannot steal our peace or destroy our hope. We are ONE; together is Christ, and we will overcome if we “don’t weary from doing GOOD.”

Doing good at this time is especially important. We are Christ’s hands to so many who are suffering because of the impact of the pandemic. The love of GOD shines through us when we give back to our communities, and to those who need it most. God is the giver of all things, and through our hands, He can multiply our gifts.

Though we are currently experiencing the impact of social-distancing, we hold you close in our hearts, and know you will continue to partner with us in meeting the needs of the most vulnerable during this crisis. Together, we can help God’s children all over the world.

Many of you have been with us since the inception of Restore A Child. You have shared our trials and great victories. You are like family to us. Together we have given hope, love and stability to thousands of children. During this pandemic, we need you now more than ever. Children without parents or someone to help them, desperately need our assistance.

I am so grateful for your partnership, and I feel optimistic that you will continue to serve with us during this difficult time. I know you will experience the joy of giving, when you contribute to change the lives of hungry, abandoned children.

Journey together with us, as we create HOPE for the hopeless, and do GOOD as we touch thousands of little lives. I put my faith and trust in Him to prosper your generous donations.


Ben SumnerWe’re all in this TOGETHER! #COVID-19 can’t stop the GOOD!