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Message from the Chairman

I have heard the word unprecedented so many times in the last two months, it has almost lost its meaning. Yes, this pandemic is a new and dangerous virus, but what is not unprecedented in causing misery, hunger and death. We are now seeing families in our states and areas that we live that have little or no food, who are standing in food lines just to survive. Again, this is not an unprecedented event, except where we live.

You see, there are millions of children that go hungry every night, and it has nothing to do with a COVID-19 virus. It is caused strictly by poverty, famine, war, and drought. Its causes are well known and widespread, but the cure is just as well known—LOVE, caring, compassion and sacrifice.

Restore a Child is one of the ways that we can share that compassion with people around the world. People who are unknown, faceless, and alone. We have the opportunity to put a face on those in need, to share some of what we have, so that they may live.
Our founder and president has shown that love and compassion, not just through this crisis, but for decades, crossing into refugee camps and war torn areas to feed the hungry and to relieve suffering. She needs our help! With the current pandemic, we need to sacrifice so others can survive. Please, take a moment to give so that we can make a difference in lives around the world.

Dr. Larry Blackmer
Retired VP NAD
Chairman of the Board of Directors

Ben SumnerMessage from the Chairman