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Restore a Child Mourns the Loss of A Hero

A part of me died today at the hearing of the loss of the greatest man I have ever worked for and known. I was his private secretary/office manager with a pool of six typists and filing clerks. He is the kind of person that cannot be replaced. I loved this man with all my heart for his goodness and compassion other than his influence and prestige, and a humble heart.

In the Middle East the Sabbath is considered only for the Jews and not looked at with much respect. I was a Sabbath keeper. Yet, Ali Ghandour allowed me to keep Sabbath for 10 years working for Jordanian Airlines in Amman, then at Cairo International Airport, Egypt. I need to write a book about him.

When Ghandour left Jordanian Airlines, the new President tried to force me to work on Sabbath. He was a fanatic man. God was opening a way for me to immigrate to the USA 30 years ago. I received my immigration papers in six months which takes years in the Middle East.


This is how Ghandour looked the last I saw him before immigrating to the US. Ali Ghandour served on our board when our name was formerly called Reaching Hearts for Kids. All articles about Ghandour mention this fact. It was because of him that I had the privilege of meeting the Late King Hussein of Jordan several times in my office as he came to meet my boss, Ali Ghandour. RIP, a humble and great man after God’s own heart. You will be missed by all those who knew you and loved you.

ALIA-Royal Jordanian Airlines was Norma’s favorite job for 10 years, while keeping the Sabbath. Ghandour made sure a car was available to take Norma home every Friday to allow her to reach home before sunset. Amazing. A secular man, but believed what I shared with him that Sabbath is from Sunset Friday to Sunset Sabbath.

Ben SumnerRestore a Child Mourns the Loss of A Hero