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With Love, We Remember… Dr. Johan Lim, Indonesia

I loved Dr. Johan Lim, a gentle and generous man from Medan, Indonesia. He died of COVID early September. Dr. Lim is the brother-in-law of our former chairman of the Board for eight years, Dr. Jonathan Kuntaraf and his wife Dr. Kathleen Kuntaraf. He is now serving on our board as a member for 10 years,

On behalf of our chairman, Dr. Larry Blackmer, and board members we extend deep sympathy to Jonathan and the entire family on the loss of a great humanitarian. One day before he died, he learned that two of the students he was putting through Dentistry had graduated at the top of their class.

Dr. Lim’s wife, Dr.Kay, who is the president of the Medan Adventist Hospital is in the hospital fighting COVID. She and Dr. Lim have helped hundreds of poor students go to university.

Every time I visited Indonesia they would invite me to stay in their home and he and his wife would shower me with hospitality and kindness. I join the family, my second family, in grieving for their loss.


Ben SumnerWith Love, We Remember… Dr. Johan Lim, Indonesia