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Jewish Friend Donates 600 Goats ($24,000) to Save Lives of Children

Dr. Mitchell Davis from Washington D.C. with Norma and Melanie Alnwick of FOX5 NEWS. After the fire, that consumed all her home and office, he donated more than $300,000. “A Jewish man to help an Arab Woman” he told FOX5 NEWS TV.

Two days ago he asked how many goats we needed to feed these starving children. I said 1,000 goats. He donated $24,000 for 600 goats on the spot ($40 per goat) to save the lives of 600 children. This will be doubled next year as goats produce twice a year. How can I as an Arab woman not love the Jews.
We still need 400 Goats each at $40.


Two days ago I received the below photo from our Bere Nutrition Center in Chad, where mothers bring their starving and dying children. We asked the Center 10 years ago not to turn any child away. It takes a month or two to regain their health. Sometimes they need hospitalization at Bere Adventist Hospital.

When they are released, the mothers are given milk with instructions on how to feed their children. Now, The Bere Nutrition Center will give goats to mothers who come with a malnourished child. These mothers neither have money for transportation nor the time for the 5 – 7 mile walk to get milk.

The goats produce babies twice a year, so by next year each family will have more than six goats for milk. We also ask each family to give the first born kid to another poor family, teaching them to share. This has been working well.

Thank you for your support. YOU can save ONE dying child.

Ben SumnerJewish Friend Donates 600 Goats ($24,000) to Save Lives of Children