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The Orphan Population Is the 8th Largest in the World

The General Conference is commemorating World Orphans Day this year on November 21 globally.

According to Isaiah 58:6-8 God tells us what kind of fast does HE accept from us. “Is this the fast that I have chosen? Is it not to share your bread with the hungry…”

Restore a Child initiated the dofast in 2012 in partnership with NAD Education, Ministerial and Youth Departments. We thank all the schools and academies and churches who have been participating in the dofast all these years.

Three times orphan: When Faiynal was two years old his mother died. Two years later his step mother also died. The new step mother did not want him and he had to leave. Thanks to our orphanage in Manado, Indonesia, for a safe and loving environment. When I asked him what he wants to be, he said “A business man”. Why? I asked. ” to be a donator (his word for donor) because I want to donate to the orphanage.”

Ben SumnerThe Orphan Population Is the 8th Largest in the World