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Bring a Child Into the Light

The world is a scary place. A global pandemic, civil unrest and natural disasters abound. However, in the darkest night… hope shines bright. God gives us something better… his Son, in the form of a child, to show us the path to a better life.

Restore a Child exists for the same reason… bringing hope to children who exist in the shadows.

During these days of Thanksgiving bring a child into the light. Remember the 10,000 children in need, who will smile again because YOU cared for ONE. YOUR generosity allows Restore a Child to address urgent needs, helping hungry children to live healthy, and give them the future they deserve. Children are Counting on YOU. Invest in eternity.

Be the change, help end hunger by feeding these orphan children who are are hungry. They rely on your generosity through Restore a Child. The girl on the right is from Haiti and the one on the left is from Tanzania. They say, Thank You.


Ben SumnerBring a Child Into the Light