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Goats in Sierra Leone

These are some of the 50 kids that received goats for milk, through Restore a Child’s Goats for Milk program.

Our partners in Sierra Leone, the Waterloo Adventist Hospital through AHI at Loma Linda University, CA, with Dr. Dick Hart as president of both Loma Linda University and AHI.

“The stretch between Freetown and Waterloo represents the highest population density in the Western area of Sierra Leone. With very few healthcare facilities to serve patients from the provinces will no longer need to get to Freetown to seek medical attention. They can be treated at our diagnostic center and sent back home cost-effectively.

The community of Waterloo is one of Sierra Leone’s most ethnically diverse cities, as it is home to many of Sierra Leone’s ethnic groups, with no single ethnic group forming even 30% of the population. Their main livelihood is subsistence agriculture and petty trading. They live on less than a dollar a day with increasing health problems from increased cases of undiagnosed non-communicable diseases.”

Ben SumnerGoats in Sierra Leone