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Healing Miracle in Ukraine

Ruslan is a 16-year old boy from Dnieper in the East of Ukraine, close to the Russian border. Ruslan is a top honor student in the 10th grade thanks to Restore a Child funding.

At an early age, Ruslan experienced what it means to lose his loving mother by brain tumor. Prognosis: “There is absolutely no chance because the tumor was located in a hard-to-reach place (on the brain stem). The only hope might be in a special clinic in Kyiv in the North. He never thought he would be lying there, in the same place he despised so much. Lying in the same hospital bed he used to stand beside, visiting his dying mother. Sadly, she was gone now and it was him who laid there.

His friends came to visit, unable to hold back their tears. Pastors prayed and anointed him with oil. But he assured them, “Please do not worry, because I have entrusted my life into the hands of God.” With all the discouraging words he had heard repeatedly from medical doctors, Ruslan knew only ONE, God, could determine the outcome with a miracle.

The surgery on his brain took six long hours. The doctors expected Ruslan to be in a coma for a few days. Four hours later he woke up, a feeling of life he had never felt before rushed through his body. Seven days after, he had returned to his home, a moment he had been unsure of previously. (Ruslan photo, after surgery.)

Alex Rozumny, Conference Education Director in East Ukraine.

Ben SumnerHealing Miracle in Ukraine