Restore a Child Helps Lebanon

Thank you, young volunteers helping pack food for people in Beirut, Lebanon, who are “Our Neighbors”. Restore a Child took immediate action and funds arrived to help homeless people. We can do more with your help. Experience the joy of giving. People in Beirut NEED YOU AND ME. Please join me in standing with them NOW.

Norma Nashed
Friend of Lebanon

Little missionary girl helps with packing hundreds of boxes of food donated by Restore a Child for our “Neighbors”, the victims of the Beirut blast last week. More funds are needed.


Ben SumnerRestore a Child Helps Lebanon
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Need Your Prayers for our Partners

Thomas and Beate Kuesel , Dunia ya Heri, Dar esSalam, Tanzania
A gang of seven masked men with black-face covers attacked the guard and Director and his wife at midnight, and hit their dog with a machete. the police and a medical doctor came to stitch the head of the dog and check both Director and his wife. They stayed till the morning when the Ambassador from the German Embassy came and contacted the government who have four in custody. But because they were masked it is not easy to identify them.

Please pray for Thomas and Beate our partners (photo with Norma below). They are still sore and now in Germany for medical care.

Thank God the children were not hurt and all other staff are safe.


8/14/2020: Update on Our Partners,
Thomas and Beata are doing well after the attack on them at midnight three weeks ago. Thank you for your prayers for these most dedicated missionaries parenting infants and abandoned babies.


Ben SumnerNeed Your Prayers for our Partners
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Congratulations Sharon

Sharon has been on the Restore A Child Board since 2016, and loves connecting people to this ministry. She spent the first 24 years of her professional life as a critical care Registered Nurse or Nursing Professor in Toronto Ontario. Her love for people and service eventually led her to work for the Adventist denomination. She moved to the United States in mid 2014 to work as the Associate Director for the North American Division’s Adventist Learning Community.

After several years with the NAD she has returned to her first love of nursing, and is now a Nursing Professor at Notre Dame of Maryland University in Baltimore Maryland. In her role at Notre Dame, she teaches Nursing Foundations, and supports adjunct faculty and nursing students in the simulation lab and clinical placement sites. She remains active with the North American Division and Adventist higher education entities as a consultant on several projects. She recently graduated from Andrews University with a PhD in Leadership and hopes to use her newfound knowledge and skills in service for others. Sharon and her husband Tim have 3 adult children. Tim is Associate Treasurer for the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists and manages the investment portfolio for the world church. Together they have committed their lives to creating a better future for others.

Ben SumnerCongratulations Sharon
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I Love My “Neighbors”… The Navajo Nation

Restore a Child has helped the Navajo Nation in New Mexico for the past 7 years with water, green houses, fruit trees, buildings, the kitchen and more. Together with La Vida Mission and the Rocky Mountain Conference, Restore a Child is now doing the second distribution of food, water and propane gas for the poor Navajo population who have the highest COVID-19 cases and extreme poverty. 170 cars lined up on the highway and side roads waiting for supplies. 170 families (approximately 1,000 individuals) were served.

Ben SumnerI Love My “Neighbors”… The Navajo Nation
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Children Are Our Soul

Dear Friend,

Somewhere in the world tonight, a boy will cry for a mother who is not there. A girl will long for the embrace of a father to keep her safe. This girl is still waiting.
In fact, there are more than 153 million orphan kids in the world who are waiting just like this girl. Most of these kids will go to bed tonight lonely, hungry and hopeless.
The sad reality is this… every 18 seconds a child becomes an orphan.

Here is a remarkably simple yet extremely challenging solution….Steven Curtis Chapman stated: “If only 7% of the 2 billion Christians each cared for 1 orphan, the orphan crisis would be ended.”

That is my challenge to you. Join with Restore a Child and the 7% Club.

Thank you,

Norma Nashed

he Chronicles of Philanthropy


This is encouraging news in light of recent reports that show people are giving less to charities as they grapple with the economic uncertainty caused by the pandemic. If the trend continues, one survey found, nonprofits could lose $25 billion in revenue by year’s end….”

We thank God, trust is still strong in Restore a Child, a faith-based nonprofit.
We believe “Every child has the right to grow up in a safe and inclusive environment… We save children, defend their rights and provide a vital lifeline.”
We never give up.
100% of your tax deductible donations go to the children!

Pandemic Impact on Africa…
“The worst pandemic in the history of the world…”

South Sudan, the most fragile nation with the worse health system in the world.
Masaai isolated people lack the basics of life for survival.

Restore a Child has spent more than $100,000 on the following COVID-19 services for almost 10,000 people.

Warm Clothing
Medical Care
Remote Home Learning

“Love your neighbor as yourself.” Jesus was asked “who is my neighbor?” He told the story of the Good Samaritan. Again when EGW was asked “who is my neighbor?” She answered: anyone who needs our help is our neighbor.

Yes, the people in the most remote villages and refugee camps in Africa are “our neighbors”. And we love our neighbors.

We appreciate all of the donors who make our projects possible. Thank you!

Ben SumnerChildren Are Our Soul
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Fortitude in Solitude…

Jesus often sought solitude, to be alone and commune with His Father. Before starting His ministry, Jesus spent 40 days and 40 nights in the wilderness. Moses spent 40 years in the wilderness before God called him. The apostle Paul went to Arabia after his encounter with Christ.

Seeking time alone with God does not just happen. Solitude is a choice. Even Jesus needed to be away from the demands of the pressing crowds. He would often ask His disciples to “come away and rest.”

Solitude is more than social distancing and staying home. Solitude helps us engage in spiritual purposes without the distractions experienced by the presence of other people.

We can reap great value by meditating and reflecting on our lives in silence and solitude. The benefits foster fortitude of character… strength to face the dark challenges of life. With all the negativity created by COVID-19, the time we have on our hands is an opportunity to build inner strength.

Norma Nashed
Friend of Children

Ben SumnerFortitude in Solitude…
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Message from the Chairman

I have heard the word unprecedented so many times in the last two months, it has almost lost its meaning. Yes, this pandemic is a new and dangerous virus, but what is not unprecedented in causing misery, hunger and death. We are now seeing families in our states and areas that we live that have little or no food, who are standing in food lines just to survive. Again, this is not an unprecedented event, except where we live.

You see, there are millions of children that go hungry every night, and it has nothing to do with a COVID-19 virus. It is caused strictly by poverty, famine, war, and drought. Its causes are well known and widespread, but the cure is just as well known—LOVE, caring, compassion and sacrifice.

Restore a Child is one of the ways that we can share that compassion with people around the world. People who are unknown, faceless, and alone. We have the opportunity to put a face on those in need, to share some of what we have, so that they may live.
Our founder and president has shown that love and compassion, not just through this crisis, but for decades, crossing into refugee camps and war torn areas to feed the hungry and to relieve suffering. She needs our help! With the current pandemic, we need to sacrifice so others can survive. Please, take a moment to give so that we can make a difference in lives around the world.

Dr. Larry Blackmer
Retired VP NAD
Chairman of the Board of Directors

Ben SumnerMessage from the Chairman
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We’re all in this TOGETHER! #COVID-19 can’t stop the GOOD!

The worst pandemic of our time cannot steal our peace or destroy our hope. We are ONE; together is Christ, and we will overcome if we “don’t weary from doing GOOD.”

Doing good at this time is especially important. We are Christ’s hands to so many who are suffering because of the impact of the pandemic. The love of GOD shines through us when we give back to our communities, and to those who need it most. God is the giver of all things, and through our hands, He can multiply our gifts.

Though we are currently experiencing the impact of social-distancing, we hold you close in our hearts, and know you will continue to partner with us in meeting the needs of the most vulnerable during this crisis. Together, we can help God’s children all over the world.

Many of you have been with us since the inception of Restore A Child. You have shared our trials and great victories. You are like family to us. Together we have given hope, love and stability to thousands of children. During this pandemic, we need you now more than ever. Children without parents or someone to help them, desperately need our assistance.

I am so grateful for your partnership, and I feel optimistic that you will continue to serve with us during this difficult time. I know you will experience the joy of giving, when you contribute to change the lives of hungry, abandoned children.

Journey together with us, as we create HOPE for the hopeless, and do GOOD as we touch thousands of little lives. I put my faith and trust in Him to prosper your generous donations.


Ben SumnerWe’re all in this TOGETHER! #COVID-19 can’t stop the GOOD!
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We are sending this eUpdate on this day in recognition of #GivingTuesdayNow to support organizations working in COVID-19 response globally.

Your gift helps stop the spread of COVID-19
We are all going through challenging times with all non-profits and the rest of the world. Without strong healthcare systems to rely on, prevention is absolutely critical to protecting vulnerable people in developing countries from COVID-19. 75% of people in Sub-Saharan Africa, lack access to clean water and hand washing facilities. Our local partners are effectively expanding our work to bring clean water, teaching hygiene and social distancing so people can to stay safe in their communities,

Sanitation & Hygiene Training
Long before the coronavirus became a global pandemic, YOU, our donors, were already part of the solution for clean water, hygiene practices like hand washing in ALL our 21 schools and 8 homes and their communities. Restore a Child is bringing clean water by digging eight wells to people in need since 2005 when we dug our first well in Kenya and will continue after the pandemic is over.

We are committed to save children… But we need YOU.
Because of YOU we are able to make a difference. Water not only saves lives, Water is LIFE. Thank you for your faithful support.

Join the Water of Life partners for as little as $10 per month. Through the Matching Gift of up to $175,000 every dollar you give will be doubled and will save lives NOW.


Restore a Child

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