Bring a Child Into the Light

The world is a scary place. A global pandemic, civil unrest and natural disasters abound. However, in the darkest night… hope shines bright. God gives us something better… his Son, in the form of a child, to show us the path to a better life.

Restore a Child exists for the same reason… bringing hope to children who exist in the shadows.

During these days of Thanksgiving bring a child into the light. Remember the 10,000 children in need, who will smile again because YOU cared for ONE. YOUR generosity allows Restore a Child to address urgent needs, helping hungry children to live healthy, and give them the future they deserve. Children are Counting on YOU. Invest in eternity.

Be the change, help end hunger by feeding these orphan children who are are hungry. They rely on your generosity through Restore a Child. The girl on the right is from Haiti and the one on the left is from Tanzania. They say, Thank You.


Ben SumnerBring a Child Into the Light
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The Orphan Population Is the 8th Largest in the World

The General Conference is commemorating World Orphans Day this year on November 21 globally.

According to Isaiah 58:6-8 God tells us what kind of fast does HE accept from us. “Is this the fast that I have chosen? Is it not to share your bread with the hungry…”

Restore a Child initiated the dofast in 2012 in partnership with NAD Education, Ministerial and Youth Departments. We thank all the schools and academies and churches who have been participating in the dofast all these years.

Three times orphan: When Faiynal was two years old his mother died. Two years later his step mother also died. The new step mother did not want him and he had to leave. Thanks to our orphanage in Manado, Indonesia, for a safe and loving environment. When I asked him what he wants to be, he said “A business man”. Why? I asked. ” to be a donator (his word for donor) because I want to donate to the orphanage.”

Ben SumnerThe Orphan Population Is the 8th Largest in the World
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Herding Goats Empowers Women in Africa

1000 Goats, and We’re NOT Stopping Here! GIVE A GOAT – GIVE HOPE

The scheme involves setting up women’s livestock groups, formed of mothers with young children. Half of the group receives one or two does (female goats) on the understanding they pass on one doe to another woman in the group once their herd has grown. We have given 150 goats, 112 are for Masaai widows with children.

ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT FEEDS 10,000 CHILDREN: Join Restore a Child to BE THE CHANGE. We realized 10 years ago, in 2009, that giving goats to women in several African countries would help them feed their hungry children. Goats are Gift #3 in our Gift Catalog on our website. When there is no rain, and locust swarms and flooding destroys all their crops, women in Africa are hopeless to find food for their children. With Dr. Mitchell Davis, and his gift of 1,000 Goats, Restore a Child is inspiring African women to create a business, raise goats and sell some as the goats as they multiply 2-3 times a year. We still need your help with 200 more goats.

Give a Goat Now!

Grace is an orphan girl that was abandoned by her mother on the beach two years ago when she was 18 months. She is a leader now. We built two homes for orphans in partnership with Dunia ya Heri, Thomas Kuesel and his wife Beata from Germany. Thomas was the president of Bogenhoffen in Austria.

Some of the 150 woman we are giving goats in order to help them create a business and feed their children and help other woman in their community. Most of these women are widows with orphan children who go to our schools. This project is in partnership with Dr. Laszlo Szabo at the Friedensau Adventist University in Germany.

By next year these women will have 5-6 goats to feed their children. They will sell extra milk for money to buy rice and beans and other items, and to send their children to school.

Beata Kuesel feeds baby goats just born. She is the mother to 22 orphan children, ages babies to six years old at our joint project in Tanzania.

Female goat is called a 'doe'. The doe can reach puberty 4 to 12 months of age. The doe should kid between 145-155 days from the date of breeding. Most of the time they have multiple "kids".

You will start to milk your goat when the babies are two weeks old. A goat lives 10 to 15 years with multiple deliveries and multiple "kids". Baby goats are also called "kids".

Ben SumnerHerding Goats Empowers Women in Africa
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Restore a Child, Canada

As part of its global mission to bring hope to underprivileged children, Restore a Child is in the preliminary stages of forming a legal entity of the charity in Canada. Canadian law requires a separate Canadian corporation with Board Members being Canadian citizens. Fortunately Restore a Child currently has two very active Canadian citizens on the Board, Dr. Sharon Aka and Gerry Karst. Sharon is the wife of Tim Aka, Director of Investment at the General Conference and Gerry Karst, retired VP of the General Conference.

Ben SumnerRestore a Child, Canada
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Feed a Child

Dr. Fay Kazzi, a great artist, friend and generous donor, painted this for Restore a Child. She is the granddaughter of Bashir Hasso whom we honor with Bashir Hasso Mission Institute in Argentina, with our partner, Engineer Warren McDaniels, president of BEAM. Fay published a Vegan Recipe book this year through Pacific Press.



Ben SumnerFeed a Child
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Jewish Friend Donates 600 Goats ($24,000) to Save Lives of Children

Dr. Mitchell Davis from Washington D.C. with Norma and Melanie Alnwick of FOX5 NEWS. After the fire, that consumed all her home and office, he donated more than $300,000. “A Jewish man to help an Arab Woman” he told FOX5 NEWS TV.

Two days ago he asked how many goats we needed to feed these starving children. I said 1,000 goats. He donated $24,000 for 600 goats on the spot ($40 per goat) to save the lives of 600 children. This will be doubled next year as goats produce twice a year. How can I as an Arab woman not love the Jews.
We still need 400 Goats each at $40.


Two days ago I received the below photo from our Bere Nutrition Center in Chad, where mothers bring their starving and dying children. We asked the Center 10 years ago not to turn any child away. It takes a month or two to regain their health. Sometimes they need hospitalization at Bere Adventist Hospital.

When they are released, the mothers are given milk with instructions on how to feed their children. Now, The Bere Nutrition Center will give goats to mothers who come with a malnourished child. These mothers neither have money for transportation nor the time for the 5 – 7 mile walk to get milk.

The goats produce babies twice a year, so by next year each family will have more than six goats for milk. We also ask each family to give the first born kid to another poor family, teaching them to share. This has been working well.

Thank you for your support. YOU can save ONE dying child.

Ben SumnerJewish Friend Donates 600 Goats ($24,000) to Save Lives of Children
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With Love, We Remember… Dr. Johan Lim, Indonesia

I loved Dr. Johan Lim, a gentle and generous man from Medan, Indonesia. He died of COVID early September. Dr. Lim is the brother-in-law of our former chairman of the Board for eight years, Dr. Jonathan Kuntaraf and his wife Dr. Kathleen Kuntaraf. He is now serving on our board as a member for 10 years,

On behalf of our chairman, Dr. Larry Blackmer, and board members we extend deep sympathy to Jonathan and the entire family on the loss of a great humanitarian. One day before he died, he learned that two of the students he was putting through Dentistry had graduated at the top of their class.

Dr. Lim’s wife, Dr.Kay, who is the president of the Medan Adventist Hospital is in the hospital fighting COVID. She and Dr. Lim have helped hundreds of poor students go to university.

Every time I visited Indonesia they would invite me to stay in their home and he and his wife would shower me with hospitality and kindness. I join the family, my second family, in grieving for their loss.


Ben SumnerWith Love, We Remember… Dr. Johan Lim, Indonesia
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Restore a Child Mourns the Loss of A Hero

A part of me died today at the hearing of the loss of the greatest man I have ever worked for and known. I was his private secretary/office manager with a pool of six typists and filing clerks. He is the kind of person that cannot be replaced. I loved this man with all my heart for his goodness and compassion other than his influence and prestige, and a humble heart.

In the Middle East the Sabbath is considered only for the Jews and not looked at with much respect. I was a Sabbath keeper. Yet, Ali Ghandour allowed me to keep Sabbath for 10 years working for Jordanian Airlines in Amman, then at Cairo International Airport, Egypt. I need to write a book about him.

When Ghandour left Jordanian Airlines, the new President tried to force me to work on Sabbath. He was a fanatic man. God was opening a way for me to immigrate to the USA 30 years ago. I received my immigration papers in six months which takes years in the Middle East.


This is how Ghandour looked the last I saw him before immigrating to the US. Ali Ghandour served on our board when our name was formerly called Reaching Hearts for Kids. All articles about Ghandour mention this fact. It was because of him that I had the privilege of meeting the Late King Hussein of Jordan several times in my office as he came to meet my boss, Ali Ghandour. RIP, a humble and great man after God’s own heart. You will be missed by all those who knew you and loved you.

ALIA-Royal Jordanian Airlines was Norma’s favorite job for 10 years, while keeping the Sabbath. Ghandour made sure a car was available to take Norma home every Friday to allow her to reach home before sunset. Amazing. A secular man, but believed what I shared with him that Sabbath is from Sunset Friday to Sunset Sabbath.

Ben SumnerRestore a Child Mourns the Loss of A Hero
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Extravagant Integrity = Extravagant Generosity

Restore a Child Earns a “Give with Confidence” 100/100 Rating From Charity Navigator – PRESS RELEASE West Palm Beach, Sept 1, 2020

Restore a Child is proud to announce that its strong financial health and ongoing integrity, accountability and transparency have earned a 100/100 rating from Charity Navigator’s new Encompass Rating System. This score designates Restore a Child as an official “Give with Confidence” charity, indicating that our organization is using its donations effectively based on Charity Navigator’s criteria.

“Charity Navigator is America’s largest and most-utilized independent charity evaluator. Since 2001, the organization has been an unbiased and trusted source of information for more than 8.5 million users annually.

“We are delighted that Restore a Child’s clear commitment to fiscal responsibility and transparency has earned it a “Give with Confidence” designation,” said Michael Thatcher, President and CEO of Charity Navigator… As one of the first 150,000 nonprofits evaluated by the Encompass Rating System, we are eager to see the good work that the organization is able to accomplish in the years ahead.”

“Our Charity Navigator rating of 100 out of 100 through their Encompass Rating System is further validation that our supporters can trust our commitment to good governance and financial accountability,” said Restore a Child President, Norma Nashed. “We hope that it will introduce our work to new supporters who can help us advance our mission to bring hope to the world’s orphans and neglected children.”

Ben SumnerExtravagant Integrity = Extravagant Generosity
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Lebanon Children Are Hungry…

“Got milk? A 6 years old girl asked me on my way home the other day.
Why you need milk? Why you are not asking me for money or a sandwich to eat? I sked.
She replied: I want milk for my baby brother, he is 2 years old and he Is very hungry. At that point, I realized that I need to make a difference in that child’s life and in mine.

Since then, I’ve been raising donations with the help of the family to nourish people in need. I want to thank Restore a Child for their special donation for the people of Lebanon, the Syrian refugees in Lebanon along with the Iraqi refugees.

1st Distribution: 300 boxes in August 2020
2nd Distribution: 300 boxes in September 2020
3rd Distribution: 300 boxes in October 2020” — Joe Abboud

Imagine children going hungry. People in Beirut NEED more help. Beirut was my home for eight years while going to school. The Lebanese people were not poor, but in a matter of seconds, they lost everything and are homeless.
Thank you for joining me to stand with them TODAY.

Norma Nashed
Friend of Lebanon

Ben SumnerLebanon Children Are Hungry…
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