“Childhood Happens Only Once… Give Children Theirs”

Dear Friend,

Is there anything closer than the relationship between a mother and her child? For centuries, one of the most popular subjects for artists to paint was Mary with her baby son, Jesus. Mary knew that her son was to be the Savior of the world, the King of Kings, but He was also her son. She fed him, protected him, cared for him, followed his ministry and watched, horrified and devastated as her beloved son paid the price for our sins. The strength of their relationship is emphasized when Jesus, in his agony at the Cross, cried out to John, asking him to take care of his mother.

Jesus shows his humanness in his love for his mother. As Mother’s Day approaches, we are reminded of the strong bond between mother and child, and we want to celebrate and lift our mothers up. One of the most frightening things about this pandemic is that the disease seems to disproportionately affect our parents and grandparents. There are too many people who will not be able to hug their mothers or share a meal with them.

If you are wondering what to give your mother or grandmother for Mother’s Day, may I suggest that the most meaningful gift to your mother would be a gift that reflects the love she has given you. A gift that gives, a gift that will bless your mother and bless children who never knew the love of a mother: the orphans.

You can order this book from Amazon or from any Adventist Book Center, a book written by a prolific author of 35 books, Dr. William Johnsson:
NORMA: Beyond Their Tears.
ALL royalties from this book will go to feed and provide water to thousands of orphans during this Pandemic.

Alayne Thorpe, Ph.D.
Academic Dean/Andrews University
Restore a Child Board of Directors, Member

Shadow Children

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Covid-19 and Locusts… Africa’s Double Tragedy

One great friend is willing to match all donations to Restore a Child up to $175,000 by May 30.
Please help us save more lives by taking advantage of this very generous matching gift.
Every DOLLAR you give will be DOUBLED:
$20 = $40
$50 = $100
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$5,000 = $10,000

Thank you your gifts of love by calling… 240-393-7712
or send a check to the following address…
Restore a Child
9672 Sandpiper Ln
West Palm Beach, FL 33411
World Economic Forum…

“COVID-19 is the Hardest-Hitting Pandemic in History… Threat to over 1.2 billion people on the continent of Africa. There is nothing in Africa standing in the way of COVID-19.”

The countries with high income that bear much of the costs of healthcare in Africa are experiencing the COVID-19 themselves.

As the cases escalate, even the best of systems will be overwhelmed. This will be worse than the Ebola pandemic. “We are All in this Together. . You may not be able to wall off diseases like COVID-19 and Ebola, but you also cannot wall off the common bonds of humanity that all of us share…

Yet at Restore a Child, we are actually responding to the plea by the Division Treasurer for East and Central Africa who wrote: “Please hurry up before it is too late.” If we do not respond immediately, thousands of lives will be lost.

WE GIVE people HOPE:



The UN Food and Agriculture Organizations (FAO) calls this ‘extremely alarming.’ The worst desert locust infestation in 70 years is ravaging East Africa, potentially endangering economies in a region heavily dependent on agriculture for food security. Restore a Child works in six East African countries.

In recent days, locust swarms have begun to impact South Sudan, Uganda and Tanzania, having already decimated crops and devoured vegetation throughout Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia, Eritrea and Djibouti.



Ben SumnerCovid-19 and Locusts… Africa’s Double Tragedy
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A Compelling National TV Report …Kupang Orphanage, Indonesia

Grace, the mother at Kupang orphanage supervises her children as they make hundreds of masks for the poor. The CDOVID-19 Crisis has challenged our orphans in Indonesia.

Leadership with a Vision….
In 2017 the founder of Restore a Child went again to Indonesia with Dr. Kuntaraf and his wife, Kathleen, to dedicate two Restore a Child Training Centers: Kupang above and Manado. The results of this Vision has been recognized by Indonesia National TV. Indonesia population is 95%T Moslems.

While some carry the slogan: “Every Child in School”, Restore a Child is busy educating thousands of children and graduating and training hundreds of young people. They are giving back. You see the impact in one of four orphanages in Indonesia we are giving them the tools to train and prepare for service. Help us train hundreds more young people with $30 a month.

Left over masks after distributing to church members, the orphanage and poor in the community, those most at risk of illness.

Empower Children…Optimize Potential

BECAUSE OF YOU…Glimmer of Hope

Heart-warming Success Story

“Raminson Siregar became orphan when he lost his mother at a very young age. His poor and very sick father sent him to his uncle who was poor and could not support him either. He developed healthy leadership qualities at Medan home sponsored by Restore a Child. He demonstrated the spirit of service during seven years until he graduated from high school.

Quality Education… Why it Matters

Raminson served as missionary for one year. But we believe in quality education so we sent him to UNAI (Indonesia Adventist University) partly with the support of Andrew Kuntaraf Memorial School Fund. Andrew’s life ended tragically by an accident at age 33. But his legacy of love now in hundreds of lives and in more than 51 university graduates and 50 more to graduate by 2021.

You Have Changed Raminson’s Life from Poverty to Prosperity

Raminson worked very hard as a night watchman, and studied hard during the day. He graduated in June 2019 from UNAI University, majoring in Information Technology, with the highest GPA of all university graduates. UNAI University employed him in the IT Department.” –Jonathan Kuntaraf, Founder/President of YAPI and former Chairman of Restore a Child and still an active member of our Board.

Dr. Jonathan Kuntaraf, our former Chairman of the Board and now a member, sent us the following results from Indonesia:

275 high school graduates
51 University Graduates, giving back
41 graduating from university in 2020
234 are currently studying in university
260 total baptisms

These are impressive hard to match results of Restore a Child work in just one country. Thank you for believing in us and for your continued faithful generosity. We are growing because of people like YOU and we thank God. Together we are making this world a better place for us, our children and our grandchildren for now and eternity.

Ben SumnerA Compelling National TV Report …Kupang Orphanage, Indonesia
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Easter Ritual… and Reality

The colored plastic egg and hollow chocolate Easter bunny, have no meaning to the true Easter.

Over two thousand years ago, a man died, was buried and rose from his tomb. That man was Jesus, the Son of God. For this reason, we celebrate Easter… the fact that a dead man came back to life… the fact that He offers same to each of us this COVID-19 Season. Easter means that hope is stronger than despair… love is stronger than death.

Every 3.8 seconds a child dies from hunger somewhere in the world. That’s over 22,700 children will die on this Easter! What do you say to a hopeless mother holding her dead child this Easter? We all can give HOPE and save a life.

There is hope for a grieving mother and her dead child… There is hope for those of us who lost a loved one to COVID-19. It’s called the Resurrection. As Jesus said, “Because I live, you also will live” John 14:19.

Jesus celebrated the Passover on Thursday and He died, was buried on Friday, and rested in the tomb on Sabbath, and was raised on Sunday.

We wish our Jewish friends, a Blessed Passover… and our Christian friends, a Blessed Easter.
“Behold the Lamb of God that takes away the sins of the world.” John 1:29


Ben SumnerEaster Ritual… and Reality
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Out of COVID-19, Hope Still Remains

I received this photo among many others from our partners with the Nutrition Center at Bere Adventist Hospital where Restore a Child has been deeply involved in saving thousands of lives of children for 10 years. Often these children cannot even stand on their feet, like this three year old boy. There is urgent need to replenish the food supply so no child is turned away. This child needed even medical care in the hospital for one month. Please JOIN OUR JOURNEY OF HOPE today with a click on the button below and save a life.


Many organizations around the world are searching to find meaning in what suddenly happened to our world. But at Restore a Child, our theme remains GIVE HOPE. GIVE HOPE to marginalized children.

Few years ago Norma was contacted by the Stewardship Department at the General Conference, to write an article about HOPE in the DYNAMIC STEWARD magazine. You can click on this link and read the whole article.


Uncertainty, loneliness, depression and sense of hopelessness creeps upon us and it looks like we can’t get out of it. A black cloud and “no amount of wind can blow it away.” The intensity of isolation is deep, and it leaves only pain.

Children easily pick up on our behavior and are affected by what they see… when we exhibit anxiety, fear and stress of financial pressures and social distancing. Holding their hands to show them God’s love in a tangible way is what they need right now. Jesus is our only HOPE. If we don’t invest in the children, others will… and the world will suffer.

Richard Stearns, former World Vision President in a speech to 1,000 corporate executives at the Mobilization to End Poverty, stated:

World Vision did a survey to find the attitudes of evangelicals toward the AIDS pandemic in Africa, which has left 15 million children orphaned. Only 3 percent of these evangelicals answered yes to the question of whether they personally would be willing to give financially to help these orphaned children. Atheists and non-church goers were significantly more likely to be willing to help. So where are our blind spots today?

Will it be that we built bigger and bigger church sanctuaries to meet our consumptive needs of PowerPoint screens and praise songs while the rest of the world lived and died in demeaning poverty ravaged by hunger, thirst, disease and genocide? I don’t deny that American Christians and churches are doing good. The question is whether our definition of good is good enough. Is God pleased by what he sees?

Well, 98 percent of the 2.5% (tithe and offerings) Christians give was spent right here (USA) within our churches and our communities and 2% of the 2.5% is given for a world wracked by grinding poverty. In other words, the commitment of America’s Christians to the 2.5 billion people who live on less than $2 a day was just about 6 cents per Christian per day.

Consider this: that the 7.5 percent missing tithe would equal $168 billion each year. More than enough to end extreme poverty in our world.
Sobering thoughts!



Founder and President

Ben SumnerOut of COVID-19, Hope Still Remains
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Pandemic of a Different Kind

Dear Restore a Child Family,

Spring is in the air…

Usually, sunshine invites us to go out with family or friends to enjoy warm breezes and smell blooming flowers. Children run and dance as the warm breezes touch their faces and push them to play in the park, especially on weekends. Children are supposed to be on Spring break. No doubt you and your family have been looking for this time together. Perhaps to go on a mission trip, or to visit loved ones in another state, or go on a long-awaited-for vacation.

The Pandemic has completely disrupted our lives. Families are torn apart… isolated. The future is unknown. Everything is on hold. All these hopes have been dashed and your children are disappointed and sad. We know how you feel because we are all suffering from the Coronavirus pandemic. Our donors have become family during the past years. We want you to know that we are thinking of you and praying for ALL of you.

Our Chairman and members of the Board of Directors of Restore a Child join me sending each one of you our love and gratitude. We know the uncertainty you face. We want to know how you and your loved ones are doing. It is because of YOU that thousands of children around the world survive a different pandemic in their young lives.

Some of you will not be able to attend the graduation of your child, friend or relative. Others will not be able to stand by the bedside of a sick or dying family member. Family reunions, marriage ceremonies and funerals are cancelled as the death toll continues to rise.

May this time be a time of reflection on the past blessings from God. Psalms 91 has promises for All of us. We will get through and together be better people because of this health calamity in the world.





Founder and President

Ben SumnerPandemic of a Different Kind
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Children Is Why We Exist…

You Can Save Her Life

In these challenging times of being home bound, we can turn the disappointments into appointments that can enhance our mental health and optimize our brain, which really may be even more important than our physical health. The focus you give to “the least of these” shadow children will pay dividends in every positive way imaginable.

Approximately 6 million Syrian children are suffering… some for 10 years. They need our help! Restore a Child is committed to help… but we need YOU.

In refugee camps, schools are the only safe place for children to be kids and play and forget their suffering. Schools are the only place where they receive the only meal for the day. This is now taken away from them. All this is adding to their stress and future mental health.

We recognize and appreciate that you are doing your part fighting for your survival and those around you. We are grateful for that. However, let’s remember the innocent children who are being attacked by their own government in Syria. They are displaced. Emergency nutrition, clean water and health care are crucial due to the spread of the Corona Virus worldwide. Syrian refugee children need us, and you are a part of US.

There is no “US” without “YOU.” During these Desperate Times, can we count on YOU?


Photos sent by Dr. Edmond Haddad, our partner in this new work for Syrian refugee children in Beirut, Lebanon. We will need more help as the Corona Virus spreads.

Ben SumnerChildren Is Why We Exist…
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The Coronavirus Brings Greater Opportunity for Donations to Restore a Child

Precautions abound… frequent washing of hands… wiping of surfaces… keeping social distances. For that reason most people are now going online to shop in the safety of their homes. This provides you with an effective way to support Restore a Child’s ministry to children

Donate while shopping online with Amazon.

AmazonSmile… A portion of your purchase on Amazon can be directed to the charity of your choice, just by doing your normal shopping. So, as you order provisions from the comfort of your home you can provide support to Restore a Child.

Guide to Set Up Amazon Smile…

In your internet browser go to and login using your Amazon credentials
Under the heading “Pick your own charitable organization” enter Restore a Child into the search bar then click “search”
From the list of charitable organizations, select Restore a Child, Inc.
A page will pop up asking you to confirm, check the box next to “Yes” and the click “Start Shopping”
You will be redirected to Amazon’s homepage that adds a disclaimer about how to add Amazon Smile to your toolbar, should you want to add a particular bookmark for it
You’re all set! Doing good while getting what you need. Thank you!

Guide to Donate Online…

Go to
Select Payment Options
Enter Required Information
Select Area of Need… Sponsor a Child
Select $30/month
Enter information
Sponsor now!


Thank you for your continued support.
Restore a Child, Inc.
Ben SumnerThe Coronavirus Brings Greater Opportunity for Donations to Restore a Child
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Let justice roll down like waters…

Did you know… each year diarrhea from unsafe drinking water kills around 525,000 children under five? The statistics are staggering. Water is life. By providing clean water, you help us save lives. We cannot do this without YOU. Thank you for joining our Journey for Justice .

What People do…

Many events are held worldwide during World Water Day. These include…

  • Educational events
  • Campaigns to raise money
  • Special broadcasts on television, radio and the Internet
  • Walks, runs and swimming, etc.

Raising awareness is good, but not enough no matter how good our intentions. Solutions make the difference…Solutions come one child at a time.

Water is a “basic human right”
We promise justice to give children their “right”

At Restore a Child we do more than raise awareness…

  • 2006: Brought water to the orphanage we built in Ambo, Ethiopia, the school our partners, Help International, built, plus the community
  • 2007: TWO wells: orphanage in Nairobi, Kenya, and another for a school and orphanage in Kinshasa, Congo plus the community
  • 2008: We helped deepen a dry well for an orphanage in Zimbabwe.
  • 2009: A well for the school we built in Namanga, Tanzania, and community
  • 2010: Water filtration systems to two homes for orphans in Haiti.
  • 2010-2017: Paid for trucks to transport water to isolated villages in Longido, Masaai, Tanzania. Partnership with Friedenseau Adventist University, Germany
  • 2013: Well and reservoir to collect rain water for Restore a Child Academie in Haiti.
  • 2016: A well for Norman Hasso Home and school in Bohoc, Haiti
  • 2016-2018: Three wells and three water reservoirs for orphanage in Tanzania, partnership with Dunia Ya Heri, from Germany.
  • 2018: Water for Karao isolated village with an Adventist school with 170 children. The whole town never had water before.

This is all possible because of your faithful generosity. Thank you for trusting us with your gifts to the children of the world.

Please click on the short two-minute video below to see the impact of your donations.

Our 4,000 healthy and happy Children say… Thank You.





Norma Nashed

Founder and President

Ben SumnerLet justice roll down like waters…
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“The TRUST Crisis”

The Chronicle of PHILANTHROPY

“The public’s declining regard for nonprofits may hurt fundraising, advocacy, and hiring… Charities are using data to look for clues. A heartwarming story may pull folks in, but institutional funders and even many individual donors increasingly demand hard evidence that your organization is making a difference. ”

From its inception, Restore a Child integrity has always gained the confidence and “Trust” of our faithful donors. We invite the inward look . The extraordinary life and work of the Founder, members of the Board of Directors, and our trusted volunteer CPA/Treasurer, confirm that. Because of our level of trust , we have reached a new level of growth in grants from foundations and people of high net-worth who would like to remain anonymous. One Extraordinary gift of $200,000 from a friend was restricted for the purchase of an office in West Palm Beach, FL. Another friend donated $150,000 again to cover all operational costs in 2020 . This assures you that 100% of your donations to Restore a Child go directly to the children and projects.

During the last few days of 2019 God came through, again as always, with a BIG miracle to balance the budget and start 2020 Strong.

Help us raise $100,000 by February 28, 2020.

Thank you Friends for your faithful support.

Norma Nashed

Ben Sumner“The TRUST Crisis”
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