Trip to Indonesia, Nov. 2017

Here are photos of Norma Nashed’s visit to five orphanages in Indonesia.

Restore Training Center

Manado children


Manado children studying


Mando home boys

Restore a Child Training Center, Kupang, Indonesia

Restore a Child Training Center, Kupang, Indonesia

Poor Indonesian girls

Manado student wants be doctor

Manado student wants be doctor

This boy was orphaned twice over two years.

Norma with an Indonesian child.

Distribute gifts Manado from church

Coconut trees in Manado.

Carlos and Anna - Achievers in Puwodadi orphanage.

Orphans studying.

High school graduates volunteer with the orphans.

Mother of the Manado director volunteers to teach English.

Ben SumnerTrip to Indonesia, Nov. 2017
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Investing in Children’s Education

Restore a Child is honored to have celebrated the groundbreaking and dedication of Restore a Child’s new school in Bohoc near Hinch City in the North.

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Final Days of Haiti Trip: A Sad Visit to a Port au Prince Hospital

At the end of our Haiti Trip, I stayed three days at the guest house of the Adventist Hospital in Carrefour, Port au Prince.  Jonathan Euler, Director of The Beehive International (another non-profit organization) took me to buy rice, beans, oil, and vegetables for 400 children and distributed thousands of meals to poor children and their families in four different orphanages and locations.  Thirty five people from The Beehive helped us prepare for these feedings.
Preparing food for the children            Serving at one of the orphanages
It was a sad and tearful visit for me to see the sick children in the pediatric ward at the Hospital where Restore a Child helps pay for their medical expenses.  Many of the little patients die of malnutrition and complications.  On my last visit six months ago I saw one child with malnutrition who died two days later.  Imagine if this child was yours!  Die for lack of one meal a day?  How can we allow this and claim to be Christians?  This time, they had other children with malnutrition, including a child who had a lung infection:  her mother was so poor and she was suffering as she held her child who looked undersized, like a baby, for lack of food.  This sight was more than I could handle and I cried.  Jesus said, “I was sick and you visited me”.  These sick children in Haiti need YOUR help. Please don’t let them die, some for lack of food.
Oscar CombarrosFinal Days of Haiti Trip: A Sad Visit to a Port au Prince Hospital
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