CONGO (DRC) 2007-present

The Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) is located in the center of the west-central area of sub-Saharan Africa. This is a country that has been severely affected by over 17 year of civil war which led to a major decline in the economy, leading to poverty, disease, and malnutrition. Many organizations, including the UN, have denounced this fighting due to the targeted violence towards women and children. Due to this situation, UNICEF estimated that there are 4 million orphans in DRC.

Restore a Child started its partnership with Foundation for Africa and its Othoniel Secondary School with 600 students in Kinshasa in 2007. The president France Mutombo visited Restore a Child office in Beltsville, MD in 2007 with another volunteer.

Students in the school had no access to drinking water or even latrines. Restore a Child helped provide 10 latrines and dug a well for drinking water which we offer free access to thousands of women in the community to help them spend time caring for their children instead of traveling 6 kilometers each way to fetch contaminated water.

In addition, Restore a Child started a sewing class for older students and widows in the community.  12 sewing machines were bought and girls and women learned to sew.

There are many success stories.  One such example is Tshava who we took in the orphanage we purchased10 years ago, He will graduate next year as a medical doctor and we would like to help him start his own clinic near the school.  It is his desire to provide medical care to the poor children and people in the community.

Oscar CombarrosCongo