RWANDA 2009-2013

Restore a Child Founder visited Rwanda in 2008 and learned about an orphanage that needed support. They had land and water nearby, but needed a pump for the water for irrigation. Funds for the pump were provided to do agriculture. We also provided for food for the children.

According to UNICEF, there are approximately 860,000 orphans in Rwanda, about one fourth of which are orphaned by AIDS. Restore a Child is starting a new project in this country: to support an orphanage. Restore a Child plan was to provide long-term food security for these children by promoting agricultural development and specifically by providing water for irrigation.  But unfortunately, the government in Rwanda banned all orphanages.

In 2013 Restore a Child added Rwanda to the list of African countries where Adventist Health International (AHI) operates numerous hospitals and clinics. So through AHI we provide medical care for poor and sick children.

Oscar CombarrosRwanda