TANZANIA  2005-present

For the past nine years, Restore a Child has provided care and education to children in boarding schools in Tanzania who have been orphaned by HIV/AIDS.
In Arusha, Restore a Child has partnered with Global Vessels to build a home for orphans in memory of Valerie Silver Ellis, who died in the attacks of 9/11. Both Silver and Ellis family members were present at the dedication of the home which took place in June 2009.

Starting in 2006, we supported the orphanage with 35 children run by Dr. Sylvester Kabati and his wife. He works in a Maasai village in Namanga, Tanzania where HIV rates are very high, and many children have been left orphaned. Some of these children are HIV positive as well.  In 2010 Restore a Child helped build an elementary school on the land given by the government in Namanga on the boarder of Kenya. Restore a Child also helped dig a well of water for the School which is necessary for agriculture and fruit tree. Poultry and goats projects were initiated for generating income. The children learn to till the soil, plant and water the plants. People from the community fill clean water freely from our well at the school.

Restore a Child partners in Hungary with France Mutombo, president of Afrikaert who takes Humanitarian Tourists every year on behalf of Restore a Child to the school to help with construction, painting, teaching the kids and feeding programs for the children in the community.

In 2014 we partnered with Friendensau University in Germany, Professor Laszlo Szabo, who takes volunteers each year to help build schools and feed thousands of hungry Maasai children on our behalf. We have built three schools so far. Norma Nashed, the founder, is traveling in September with Friedenseau to check on the work and build more schools and provide water and food. One of their volunteers worked for one year.

Another partner in Dar EsSalam, Tanzania, is a couple from Germany, Thomas Kuesel and his wife whom we helped with building two homes for orphans in 2016-2017 and we also helped them plant 2,000 fruit trees and vegetable garden. Nashed will be visiting them in September 2017.

For several years Restore a Child partnered with ADRA Tanzania to help Albino girls who are targeted to be killed to sell their body parts. We provide education for Albinos children to give them hope and a future.

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