According to UNICEF, Zimbabwe “has the world’s fourth-highest rate of HIV prevalence and has been grappling with a food emergency, declining economic performance and the sharpest rises in child mortality in history”. Many families are facing starvation, and children go hungry every day.
For several years we aided Murwira Children’s Home, founded by Paula Leen, an American missionary now retired who has dedicated her life for more than 25 years to save children in Zimbabwe.  In addition to housing a number of orphans, Paula Leen, Restore a Child helped Paula Leen with a feeding program for more than 2,000 children in schools. Many of the children who arrive at Murwira are girls, as young as seven, who have already been sexually abused. These children are at risk for HIV, and several of them have already tested positive.

The second orphanage we still support in Harare, Zimbabwe, for the past10 years was founded by Des Paul, a Dutch naturopathic physician who cares for thirty children in his own home in Harare. He also supports several families and children in the area who are in most need. Restore A Child has donated funds to build a dormitory and classrooms, plus help with the feeding program. Restore a Child supports Des with bakery, agriculture, beehive and more to generate income and become self-supporting, including a land for agriculture. Des Paul is an amazing missionary who has trained hundreds of local people in farming and now baking and beehive industry.

Oscar CombarrosZimbabwe