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About Restore A Child

Restore a Child will provide for the basic needs of orphans and underprivileged children and help them develop into productive adults.

Restore a Child is a Christian organization that provides the basic needs for protection, nutrition, education and healthcare for orphans and underprivileged children so they may become fulfilled and productive adults. Help us make a difference in the world and help children grow into a sustainable community.

Restore a Child is proud to be a part of the U.S. Federal Government Combined Federal CampaignCFC_1RGB
(CFC) as charity #97739

Norma Nashed film

Norma Nashed’s biography film on the Life and work of the President and Founder of Restore a Child.

Shadow Chid is a New Film produced In Conjunction with La Sierra University Film Department in California, on the Life and work of the President and Founder of Restore a Child.
Shadow Child is coming in Fall 2021.

Norma Nashed biography

Our Founder, Norma Nashed’s biography. The amazing story of an Arab girl who became a champion for orphans.

I am pleased to announce the upcoming release of my biography… Norma: Beyond Their Tears. William G. Johnsson, Ph.D., author of 35 books, scholar, professor, wrote the manuscript. Steven Chavez completed the copy editing, and Alberto Valenzuela formatted the book. Neither the author nor Norma will receive a penny from the royalties on this book. The tax-deductible donation will help feed hungry children.


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  • ...We have learned to trust Norma Nashed and her organization to do what she says she will do with the Grants.  It is amazing how one faith-filled dynamic woman could accomplish so much with so little.  VERSACARE is proud to partner with Norma Nashed and Restore a Child.

    Ron Wisbey, Vice President, VERSACARE, CA, USA
  • I devoted myself to Restore a Child for many years as my main charity giving because I can think of no more worthy cause where every dollar has a significant impact on directly helping kids. It would be hard to find a charity that equals Restore a Child.  The previous record of this charity working with such a limited budget is proof of its effectiveness and dedication.

    Dr. Mitchell Davis, M.D.
  • If you want to do the most good with your money and time in helping others, there is no better charity for that purpose than Restore a Child

    WH, Sacramento, CA, USA
  • Restore a Child is a wonderful example of dedication to serving children in need.  Norma Nashed, president and founder, has for 18 years provided quality leadership, by her unselfish giving to orphans and the needy.  Thank you for your commitment and vision.

    Dr. Larry Blackmer, Vice President, North American Division, MD, USA
  • I have utmost respect for Restore a Child's founder, Norma Nashed.  Her inspiration helped guide me in my moments of 'discouragement' as I thought:  "If  lady born in Palestine, can genuinely care for poor Haitian children, what should my attitude be since I was born in this country."  This is why I got involved. On behalf of the children and parents who are benefiting from Restore a Child Academie in Boipin and the new Norman Hasso vocational project "The Pearl" in Bohoc, I thank you.  You and Restore a Child are not making headlines in popular news media, but you are writing eternal stories in the hearts of thousands of poor children

    Engineer Joseph Valcin, New York, NY, USA
  • Thank you Norma! The reason why I prefer contributing to Restore a Child and organizations like yours is because you directly reach those who need it most without all the layers of bureaucracy of the large, over-funded charities. Thanks again!

    Harrison John. Sunnyvale, CA, USA
  • I have had the honor of being involved with Restore a Child for many years now.  The work being done to help the impoverished children all over world is amazing.  Seeing a difference being made in the lives orphan children is so inspiring I am now on the Board of Directors to help in whatever way I can.  I would encourage anyone to get involved so you can make the difference by investing in the lives of children and reap the blessings for you personally.

    Randy Akrawi, WA, USA
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